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  1. Thanks for the encouraging replies, guys. Hopefully I will have a better video in the summer. I will be doing a bunch of engine painting, repairing a leaky water pump, and if I am real brave I will get to a new wiring harness and painting some interior trim.
  2. I recently posted a video of my car on YouTube. I did this back in 2009. It's not a great production but some folks may find something interesting. Someday, when I have caught up on current projects, I hope to make a nicely scripted video. My car came with just about no history and repeated attempts to get information from the seller go nowhere. I suspect that a partial restoration was done back in the 1970's or so. Parts of the car, especially the interior, show the wear of time. Then again, being an owner of a '41 Buick, I like all videos of this era. So, I thought it might be interesting to some of the folks here. The link is above or just click on the text here: Note: the best thing I ever did regarding this car was joining my local AACA affiliate, the Westerly-Pawcatuck Region AACA (WPRAACA). They are a wonderful group of car lovers. We have great times together and the knowledge base of the club members is unlimited. And yes, I have even benefited from their program whereby members help others diagnose and repair car problems. Please feel free to visit our website and if you live in the Rhode Island or Eastern Connecticut areas. We would love to have you become part of our group!
  3. Ray and Keith ... Thanks for the feedback. I did find that it is indeed a NPT 1/8" x 27. Unfortunately NAPA did not have the exact fitting. So, I put it through a die and that solved the cross thread issue. It did not come out perfect but at least there was no more binding. Then I tried to put it in the new carburetor and it was still difficult so I chased the threads on the carb. All worked well! The car started up immediately with the NOS carb (I had it in a box for about 10 years ... finally put it on at the encouragement of my friends from our local AACA club, Westerly-Pawcatuck Region). No leaks and the car runs much better!
  4. Photos of one or both of the carburetors found in the 1941 Buick that had dual carburetors.
  5. From the album: 1941 Buick Stromberg AAV-16 Carburetor

    This is my newly replaced carburetor in the 1941 Buick. I had it on the shelf in a box for at least 10 years. I finally put it in at the encouragement of some WPRAACA friends. Now my first gear hesitation problem is solved thanks to the great accelerator pump in this nice NOS carb.
  6. I am installing a NOS carburetor in my 1941 Buick Roadmaster. This is the front carburetor of the dual setup. The front of the carburetor has what I believe is a vacuum line entering it. There is a fitting in the carburetor that receives the fitting on the vacuum line. I have to use the fitting from the old carburetor. Unfortunately the old fitting that screws into the carburetor appears to be cross threaded and I would like to get a new one, preferably locally at NAPA. Can anyone identify this fitting (thread size, style, etc.)? I used a 7/16" wrench to remove it. The end that enters the carburetor tapers slightly and terminates in a 1/16" diameter hole. Photos are below . Thanks!
  7. From the album: 1941 Buick Stromberg AAV-16 Carburetor

    This shows the vacuum fitting screwed into the front of the front Stromberg carburetor in a 1941 Buick Dual Carb setup. The vacuum line has been disconnected and is seen below.
  8. From the album: 1941 Buick Stromberg AAV-16 Carburetor

    This fitting screws into the front side of the front carburetor in the 1941 Buick Dual carburetor setup.
  9. Glenn .... that was my plan B and I may just do that. All the interior trim woodgrain has to be done anyways. I have been researching techniques. It looks like a good primer followed by a brown base and final wipe with stain is the way to go. I just have to line up the best paints (will likely use spray cans) and experiment. Thanks!
  10. I have a 1941 Buick Roadmaster. It runs well but only the essential wiring is reliable. So, it is time for me to attempt to remove the dash and instrument panel. If I can do that I will likely purchase a wiring harness and go to work. At the same time, my dash has almost no woodgrain left at all. I do have two spare dashes, one of which has about 75% of its woodgrain. I'd like to swap that one for my old one at the same time I am putting in a new wiring harness. Question: What chemicals (wax, polish, vinyl conditioner .. ArmAll, etc.) are safe for the original woodgrain? I would like to treat the replacement dash now so as to preserve what I have. Some photos are attached so as to give you a better idea of what I am working with. The "OrigDash" photos show what is in the car now. The "ReplaceDash" show my spare. Although the spare is better it does have streaks in it. Any touchup suggestions would be welcome. Thanks!
  11. Photos of my 1941 Roadmaster dash with almost all woodgrain missing as compared to my replacement which is better but not perfect. Also photos of the switches and mounting points.
  12. From the album: Trunk, '41 Roadmaster Sedan

    I finally located some inexpensive hubcap clips and installed them so I could mount the cover on the spare.
  13. From the album: Trunk, '41 Roadmaster Sedan

    I got carried away with taking different style photos of the trunk on the '41 Roadmaster.
  14. From the album: Trunk, '41 Roadmaster Sedan

    I got carried away with taking different style photos of the trunk on the '41 Roadmaster.
  15. From the album: Trunk, '41 Roadmaster Sedan

    I got carried away with taking different style photos of the trunk on the '41 Roadmaster. The lining material is original. It covers the back and one side (behind the spare). I added the jack which I believe to be complete. The wheel is the one that came with the car and I suspect it is from a later Buick. I just recently got around to painting the hubcap and installing the clips necessary to secure it.
  16. I have four 15x7.0 4-ply tires mounted on my model 71 Buick Roadmaster. Each rim has 3 hubcap clips. My spare, which I do not think is original to the car, has a 8.0/8.20-15 tire mounted to it and the rim has 5 hubcap clips. I found replacement clips on eBay. They were designed for a VW but I was able to make them work just fine with a little bending.
  17. Roadmaster71


    From the album: Rims and wheel clips found on my 1941 Buick

    This spare does not appear to be original to the 1941 Roadmaster (model 71). It is red, has no pinstriping, and has slots for 5 hubcap clips. The rim is a 15" but the tire is a 8.0/8.20-15 Suburbanite. I suspect this rim and tire came from a later year of Buick.
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