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  1. Yea I know about the lug nuts, now. I think it took me a week to figure that out. I thought I broke a the bolt when it started turning what I thought was the opposite direction. Told you I don't know nothing.
  2. I will check but I don't think it is copper. You are probably seeing the red battery cable stuck up there. Thanks
  3. Thank you for your help. I will review everything suggested. Very helpful.
  4. Thanks for your help. I will order the shop manual. I already had owners manual but it is not that detailed. Here are photos of oil filter and I assume brake fluid.
  5. Thanks for the info. I will see if other have opinion but that was helpful. Here is photo of mine.
  6. I just bought this car and generally speaking I don't know much but I have a pretty good mechanical aptitude. If someone could give me some specifics on the mechanics, I would appreciate it. Please forgive if I do not know anything. 1) I want to replace/insert new oil filter. I have a tube with fitting running into the top of the container (left side of engine) and then one back out of the bottom. Should I unscrew the fitting and then force the top portion off or dies it screw it off? Is there like a lid or does a bigger portion come off. P.S. I have seen many people talking about the correct oil to use for old car, weight, etc. However, I found that you are suppose to use oil specifically designed for classic cars which has much higher zinc which is better for the engine. In fact, the mfgrs claim regular oil will ultimately damage a classic engine. I bought: http://www.classiccarmotoroil.com/ if anyone is interested. I also heard that Lucas makes a classic car oil, much higher in zinc as well. Also, something about the detergents in newer oils not good for old cars. 2) Is there any special brake fluid I should use for this car? I think I found the brake fluid container, kind of elongated with square bolt on top. 3) Does this car require any special anti-freeze mixture? 4) I couldn't get any gas out of the tank with a siphon. However, I looked under the car at the gas tank and there appears to be a plug just you have for motor oil right in the middle of the tank. Is that possible? I would not think an attachment would run through the tank. Anybody know about this? 5) Ok, here goes probably a really dumb question. I have stick shift of course. Does this car have transmission fluid or some kind of fluid for the gears. I found this ad which appears to be the same paint color of my car but faded of course. Any help would be appreciated. I am taking my time so I can restore this car to original condition without causing any damage.