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  1. I fully understand-- have craigslist and others with pics-- other ads if they want pics can ask--i'm 76--had car 40yrs and have some health concerns so it sells or it doesnt- it actually only needs rubber rear hoses and just not lnterested in doing more or getiing it done just to around block again--its a good car and apppreciate advice but thats the way it is-- thanks
  2. If really interested can respond for proper info or assume you know everything
  3. $100pr---good cond--pics by request. schmeidlop@aol.com
  4. All original --good cond. $3000 schmeidlop@aol.com
  5. nothing frozen/nothing missing-----481 41 olds exc----652 48 pont vg/exc---e7l4 49/50 desoto good----e7l2 49/50 chrys vg/exc-----414 nash vg-----537 (2) 39/52 pont exc----621 universal exc---1940 nash lafayette good---466 40's olds vg----41/2 olds 600 series vg----51/2 int harv vg----41/48 old good---763 50 olds exc $200 all schmeidlop@aol.com
  6. good cond heart element cable uncut $50 schmeidlop@aol.com
  7. 230-pg w/carb blowup diagrams trucks/tractors/industrial schmeidlop@aol.com $45
  8. both complete with exception of one missing choke assembly --good cond --need kits-----$150pr schmeidlop@aol.com
  9. vg cond--good studs---$50pr schmeidlop@aol.com
  10. vg cond $30 schmeidlop@aol.com
  11. been stored long time--dont recall if factory rebuilt or nos--$75 schmeidlop@aol.com
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