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  1. Formerly I always liked and driven 1977/79 standard bodied Cads.. Devilles, Fleetwoods.. Very reliable and last forever. I even managed to get through some bad snows in them. Of course the cheap dash, door panels, brittle bumper extensions and rot are issues..must be noted too. A great time- tested car, that feels like a Caddy should when properly cared for. Recently I've turned my attention to 1999-08 Mercury Grand Marquis .. Now don't get all your "Bridgette Jones's" in a bunch.. They are very reliable, nice riding, often plentiful, not expensive to drive, comfy ,safe, and a tremendous tru
  2. Trying to fix rear wheel well lips and match the fake stick on vinyl wood.. Any help?
  3. Help, not be nosy.. I buy because I want them . True, what I do with them after is my business n my money. I buy because they have merit to me on some level ..usually style, quality, or sentiment. What I do after depends on how much I like them afterwards and if I bond with them.
  4. Yes, I buy cars.. Not just one.. Paid $200 last time .. Didn't like that car, thanks for paying attention. It's not my first time at the dance. I'll always be looking at cars, since Ive loved cars my whole life. So far I've remembered 95 I've owned over the years. That answer your question?
  5. Or know a great shop , gas station, or? Someone to call or direct me towards the right place/guy? it's a 1970s Car. I do want body n mechanics looked into .. Like original paint? How well it runs drives, check gadgets..
  6. Solid orig, need not run, strong body/orig interior..send pics n details. Also wsnt 79 MKV. Gold grill, wheels, hood n trunk ornaments, owners manual. Ww tires 4-225x15 tires for same.
  7. What were the options on this car, and the three color letters on body plate?
  8. Thanks I will try those.. Keep the resources coming.. You never know who has what..
  9. Tried a few most never write back. U want pit-free chrome, bumpers owner's manual , etc.. Also gonna need proper white walls so any help there is appreciated too..
  10. What is consider modern paint its a 1979 ! Clay bar I've never heard of it .. Where do you get it..? Product names do help.. I appreciate all help ..are you discussing white and red compound..?
  11. I have a 70's metallic painted car that the birds used their , ah ,"berries" to create a Jackson Pollock on my trunk lid.. Does anything give any shine and deeply clean.. Maybe I need two types of polishes?
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