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  1. Found it on OPGI. Cars had it but they are out on vacation till the 10th. Thanks.
  2. Hindsight being what it is I should have bought this kit. But I already bought the other. They finally sent me the instructions and was able to assemble. Now the hoses leak at the banjo bolt. Tried different copper washers with no luck. Do you know if the hoses on the scoreboard kit are the banjo type. Mine has a number 10 bolt on them.
  3. here is a picture of it. well I tried. It has two wires at the top blue and brown. A large tab with a lug coming out the opposite side. This is where the positive cable and other cables connect.
  4. I have the disc drum brake conversion. I believe it is a different MC? I believe it is a Cardone 10-1328. Deep hole for use with a bendix booster? Is the Bendix unit what came with it?
  5. Anybody know what the little box that connects to the positive battery cable is called. The little tin cover on my came off and the little tabs are gone. I only need the cover but I think I will need to buy the whole thing. Anybody know where I get it?
  6. can you tell me what your MC was off of? I need a dual for a 63 riv.
  7. I need to buy a dual MC for my 63 Riviera. Disc/drum conversion. Which do you recommend.?
  8. I just bought a kit from Performance and did not receive instructions. I have asked for them twice with no luck. They look like the same kit OPGI sells. Does anybody have the instructions? Thanks
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