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  1. I did! The thread can be found here: http://forums.aaca.org/topic/264010-1971-standard-vw-beetle/ I'm very sorry I didn't update the thread . The thread is a little slow as of right now due to me being busy with cleaning out the garage so that I can work on it, as well as the holidays, but hopefully I'll be up and ready for further restoration soon! Thank You!As for what it is, it's a '71 standard sedan that I picked up for $500. It has pretty minor rust, and the rust it has isn't bad at all. Pan and body are both original. Has been rear ended once but it's not all that bad. (Actually, whoever repaired it did a pretty good job.) It came with most of the parts we need to restore it. As for the engine, it did not have; however, my Grandpa gave me his old engine that he used to race with. It's out of a 1965 VW bus and he souped it up nicely to have around 110hp. 300ML single-port heads. All around a pretty good engine!
  2. Thanks! Honestly, I like the standards better than the Super Beetles, mostly for looks haha. Currently still halting on the restoration just a little. We're trying to clean and organize our garage so that we actually have room to work on it. At least it's sheltered until we're done .
  3. Alright. It's been a while due to me being too busy to get a chance to work on Layla; however, I recently took a trip to my Grandpa's for Thanksgiving and picked up his old racing Beetle engine! It's actually a 1965 VW Bus engine he pulled it out (orginally a dual-port) and put 300ML single-port heads on. He souped it up quite nicely and used it in his racing Beetle. It's sat for at least 30-40 years or so, at a wild guess, in his shop. Surprisingly, it still turns until it stops at a certain point both ways. Definitely exciting. I have been finally starting to work on Layla again more lately. Due to a big wind/rain storm starting up while we were in North Carolina in early November, we bought a tarp quick so that the Beetle is now covered! The pan is in the garage now (cleared out some space.) being cleaned up. So far, we've gotten most of the surface rust taken care of as well as cleaned it, and we're going to take off the beam and the transaxle so that we can prepare it for rusty metal primer! The beam also has a small hole we'll probably replace with a steel sheet once we get it off.
  4. More pictures as I promised! Currently working on cleaning off the pan now that school is done for the day.
  5. Yep! That's why I like them! They never seem to grow old .
  6. I'll try and get some more pictures for everyone when I work on it tonight!
  7. Yesterday, (Picked it up on Saturday.) we were able to get the body off the pan. It's currently tied to trailer while the pan is ready to be cleaned. While cleaning it up we found a couple small spots with fiberglass around the heater channels and where it got rear ended, but they're pretty minor. Definitely will have to get them replaced with some steel. Meanwhile we're focusing on the pan as of right now. A little surface rust so we'll clean it up well. Kind of funny because as we looked at it and studied it, it honestly looks like an original pan. Someone did a dang good job if they replaced it..Hoping to try and tackle some of the cleaning later today. We did find some rust on the beam that definitely needs some attention.
  8. After a few months of saving money and waiting, I've gotten my first car. (Yeah, I'm pretty young.) I'm not completely sure if this is the correct section, but I looked around for a little bit and I think it is the right section for a build log. Correct me if I'm wrong! Anywho, recently acquired a 1971 Standard VW Beetle for $500. It has pretty much almost no rust, thought there's some small surface rust in some areas (Mainly the pan, but the pan's solid. Just got to get that thing cleaned up.) The guy I bought it from actually gave me most of the parts I need to put it back together as he had been the one to do most of the body work on it previously. The rear had been redone by someone as it had been rear ended. The previous owner had been currently sanding it down to get it cleaned up when he sold it to me. All of the fenders, lights, and the such are in a box tucked away for safety while we get the body and pan ready. It did not come with an engine, but it seems my grandpa is giving me his old racing beetle engine to put in this. Though it's going to need quite a bit of work, it'll be fun .
  9. Just as an update on the Beetle I mentioned I'm buying without an engine. My grandpa just said he'd give me his 150HP classic racing Beetle engine o.o. I was excited before..but now..holy crap. It needs rebuilt completely (Yes, I've seen it before.) but dang I'm excited. Looks like I have everything I need..
  10. I ought to check that out some time.
  11. I was looking at other posts where someone was asking about car salvage yards and I was curious as to whether a forum thread talking about different barn finds/car lot finds would be very enjoyable. Basically when you find old cars in barns or car lots and you strike a good deal, show us some pictures! (And no, you don't have to own it. Just show us stuff you find!) The other half to this is that whenever you're driving around town and you spot a nice car, share a picture! Show us car lot finds, cars you find sitting, or even a barn find! What cars you find don't really matter as long as they're classic . I personally find quite a few Beetles and I actually found a Squareback sitting yesterday, which is quite awesome. Feedback on this idea would be quite awesome. If you like the idea, post some pictures of some stuff you find! When you post the pictures, tell us where you found the cars. Did you find it in a car lot, just sitting in someone's driveway, something driving around with it, or in a barn? Doesn't matter the condition. I especially enjoy finding old cars sitting under a tree in a field as you can strike a good deal generally. (Oh yeah. Update on the Beetle I mentioned getting before. Friend of ours is selling me his which needs to be put together and needs minor body work but he's selling every single part but the engine for $500. Quite awesome! Should I do post a restoration log when I start restoring it? It's a '71 Standard.)
  12. There aren't many from the 70's I'm a huge fan of honestly besides some of the Mustangs, Firebirds, etc. I do like the Plymoth Superbird though. (I do like Super Beetles .) As said before, Cutlasses are also fantastic cars as well. Karmann Ghias anyone? Porsches for sure! (Keep editing this post because I'm thinking of more cars lol.)
  13. Dang. I think I new dream car added to my list is one of those bugatties xD.