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  1. Hi Don. I appreciate the offer but I am looking for a V bumper.
  2. Do you still have a 33 Plymouth front bumper? I am looking for a good one for my 33 PD. Thanks
  3. I am looking for a 33 plymouth PD front bumper. Thanks
  4. Hi Abe, I am looking for a front bumper. Would you please give me a price and shipping cost to 84405? Thank you, JW oldmv@comcast.net
  5. Hi Dennis, Yes I still need the trim pieces. I also need the license plate light housing that goes in the rear bumper. Thanks, Jerry
  6. Hi Dennis, I am looking for the six trim pieces (three per side) that go on the rear fender. I have circled them in the pic. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the reply Bill, No I have not checked AMS Obsolete but I will do that.
  8. Does anyone have a small parts repair kit or know of a supplier that sales small parts such as Counter gear shims, spacers, Roller bearings, possibly a counter shaft. I mostly need shims and spacers. I have a late 31, early 32 Trans with helical gears. When I tour it down some of the shims and spacers where in pieces in the bottom of the box. Does anyone know if 31-32 Ford model A small parts fit? Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the replies. I appreciate you looking for the number broker-len. I will need a new line and bulb since I discovered mine has been cut off just behind the gage and is missing.
  10. Wanted a good temperature gage for 1931/1932 Plymouth. Does anyone know of some one that repairs that style of gage?
  11. Still looking for a 31 Plymouth PA Deluxe cowl light or lights. Thanks
  12. Still looking for cowl light or lights for a 31 Plymouth PA Deluxe. Thanks.
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