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  1. Everything else seems fine. I've only driven it a few times
  2. Do you know if this would effect the window, that's not working either. I was thinking fuse/breaker maybe. Also the trunk release in the glove compartment
  3. That is more then likely what happened it was looked at in the winter months and they might have pulled hard to open the door thinking it was frozen. So its a bar in the door. can it be bent back into shape or is there a part number or make that I'll need. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  4. I like how you think. I usually try to do things myself. Very independent that way. But I know this is way out of my range of knowledge. I'll take it back where I had my soft top done. Thanks for the great idea.
  5. I went to Paul's boat and auto in Pontiac. He did a great job did the seats and soft top and I'm in black/black I changed the top color from tan. Have you had any problems s with passenger side I think it could be a fuse/broker not sure. If you need a service manual I have one it only seems to help if your doing the work yourself. Although it has helped in some of my question look forward to see you on the road
  6. Thanks for your response. I'm in the northern Detroit area I just did the interior and soft top now I'm trying to take care of the little things
  7. Looking for help with finding mechanic in lower mi for tc
  8. Just trying to bring back a car that was it storage for years. Passenger side door lock ,window , and the outside door handle doesn't work. You can open from inside door but when you go to lock no click and driver side controls for that side.... nothing. Can anyone help or know someone in the northern Detroit area who can. Thanks
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