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  1. we too are booked for 2021 Hershey. Cannot wait
  2. Heres my Ford F150 5.0 and my trailer filled with one of our cars. Its an all aluminum trailer so its very light. Love the E track for over the tires tie downs. Very easy
  3. it was nothing short of amazing.. Great venue, great weather and great turnout with VERY high quality cars. We had a great time. Thank you AACA, you knocked it out of the park!
  4. it was a wonderful show. Great venue, great turnout and perfect weather. We grabbed a first senior with our 69 Judge and was nominated for an national award! So ecstatic.
  5. I would also want a confirmation too.. Car is ready to go.
  6. thank you to all who have somehow made this happen. We already got our Gettysburg hotel and wil be sending out our new Gettysburg registration.
  7. Im sure we would have seen some sort of statement by now that the show is NOT open to the public. And we have not. So Id say its untrue
  8. excellent post. Its sums everything up nicely.
  9. Just changed our reservations and now coming in Thursday at the Lodge! Yeaa!
  10. We are registered for the show.. Cant wait.. BTW Steve, loved your column this month in the club magazine. Just got it today. Hit home.
  11. thank you Steve for making the show go on. We are registered and trying for my senior on my GTO Judge this year. Cant wait
  12. Call it a protest, or a funeral and the Governer will allow it..
  13. WHY! ?? Its 5 months down the road??!! Are you kidding me? The world better be back to normal before then or we will all have a lot more to worry about. I cant believe it.
  14. hi all. Question.. We have juniors for all three of our cars and was thinking of heading to Allentown this summer with one. This show is just a grand national or is judging for seniors too? Thanks!!!
  15. somehow you missed us completely. Driving in and on the showfield. Probably the only warwick blue Judge ever on the showfield. LOL 11 found in the world
  16. Weather was perfect, the grounds were perfect and the event as a whole? PERFECT!
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