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  1. How do I fix the lean to the drivers side. Real bad when I sit in and drive.
  2. Fixed!!!!! It was corrosion on the positive lead off battery. My volt meter came in handy. The inside that site on the post looked clean but a nice scrap clean fixed it right up. The load from the headlight must have stopped it. I've only used the twice. What number bulb for my brake lights?
  3. It was driving fine but the starter was sounding a bit funny. Charging as it should. I stalled after turning on lights after starting. Then nothing. No power to anything. No horn or lights. I'll chase 12v down to state solenoid and double check grounds. It's original cloth wire, car has 14k miles. Any tips on how to figure what has gone wrong appreciated. I only know how to check for 12v with my,,,,,heck I don't even know what the box I use to check for 12v is called. I know it can check for continuity but not sure how to set up for that.
  4. Nevermind. I'm going to replace all those hoses and clamps over the weekend. Found a good diagram on here
  5. First thing I did was make sure the emergency brake was in tip top shape. I drive em slow for a long time. Lost the brakes once here in town. E brake drive home. Rebleed the system and it appears to be in good shape. But yes it will come out. Lost a hose to the heaters under the seat. Can I just block those lines off. I don't need heat.
  6. It was stored inside I was told. All fluids were removed and it was preped for long term storage. All fluids are clear as a new car right now. My volt meter runs at normal when I idle but maxes out when driving. I lost the radio today when changing stations. I'll check the fuse tomorrow but am sure an old part burnt out. I can fix old stereos. Anyone know what cause the volts to max out when driving. Is there a voltage reg somewhere that may be bad. My turn signal fuse blows right now also. Not while using them just at some time during driving.
  7. so far I have 1 hour total driving. the trans burped fluid out the fill hole one time.I replaced fluid and its been just fine. I cant get the levers for temp to go to summer, they just got from top (winter) to middle. I have not scene a leak yet except from the oil pan area. im going to go look under it now as i got home an hour ago. Just checked. pass side valve cover gasket weaping. Anyone know where i can get the stickers for those. I might as well paint them and the ignition wire covers while they are off. what that green color code? or is it better to just leave it all stock and not change a thing
  8. So I just got this 1955 Buick Super. I got a stock WCFB as it was missing carb. Had the radiator re-cored. bled the brakes and hooked up to a boat gas tank as the stock is full of rust. ill cut it open and clean it out soon. today was its second outing and its working great. no speedo. the brake lights dont work so i guess that's a pressure switch down by the treadle vac master. the signal flashers fuse keeps blowing si i need to find a short. (ideas if your did that)? all gauges work and the radio. what should i look out for in a Buick that has been sleeping for 30 years. I'm 2k into the car so far seems like a good deal to me. Its my first Buick.
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