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  1. Since the weather cooled my 29 Cadillac is running poorly.  The engine ran great all summer when it reached an engine temp 170 -185F.  Now the engine only reaches a temp of 140 - 155F and the engine has been flooding, car backfiring and all around running terribly.  The car has an electric fuel pump with fuel regulator placed many years ago, regulator set at lowest setting.  I placed another inline fuel regulator thinking too much fuel was the problem because the car was puking it all over the road but I still have the problem even though I've limited the fuel significantly from the pump.  Maybe it's the fuel?  Or perhaps its because the thermostatic controller isn't working to heat the engine up?  Any ideas appreciated.  

  2. 2 hours ago, Roger Walling said:

     That car died a long time ago.


     That's when nobody wanted to spend any money to restore it to its previous glory.

    Then some one said, its a shame to let it decompose, I like the styling, it just needs a few modifications to bring it back to life.


     So now it is in the public's eye and everybody's saying what a shame, but nobody's saying I will buy it and spend money to restore it to it's previous glory!


     Monday morning quarterbacks with long pockets and short arms need not reply.


     Ps, Here is one for all of you that cried foul, now is your chance to save one yourself



    I think you missed the point.  The point is that someone chopped a "Full Classic".  Full Classics are set apart by the CCCA for a reason.  I don't propose that every old car be saved.  But certain classics are set apart for a reason and should be.  This was one of them.  The car you give a link to is nice and cool but but no not the same thing.  IMO

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  3. To people who view full classics as works of art, it's painful to see them destroyed.  And rightly so it upsets a few of us.  One could argue that "its not your car so why do you care."  But that is a lot like asking a baseball card collector not to care if someone buys a rare Babe Ruth card and then promptly cuts it into 20 pieces and then tapes it all back together.  It makes you sick that there is one fewer example of that car out there for posterity.    And this was a rare car.  

  4. Speed is the not main problem.  The problem is most people today are distracted.  The smart phone is the main culprit but eating a double quarter pounder and fries while flying down the road at 80 mph doesn't help either.  I don't think making people take tests more frequently will make roads safer ...the distraction factor is going to be there.  The good news is that cars are so much safer today then they were even 10 years ago, and they'll be driving themselves soon enough anyway.  But for those of us driving our classics we will always have to be vigilant as hell.  

  5. Interstate 10 going through Phoenix is very dangerous....I know because I fix all the people who crash.  The posted speed limit is 65 but the flow of traffic, when not rush hour, is 80 mph and even 90 mph as you get out of down town.  If you were to follow the posted speed limit of 65  mph it would actually be quite dangerous as cars flew past you.  

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  6. 12 minutes ago, 1937hd45 said:

    Looks like a nice solid project to take over, not everyone can afford a 1932 Ford 3Window. Bob

     In my humble opinion, I have no problem with someone hot rodding a 3 window ford all day long but I believe there are certain Marques that should not go down this road.  I don't own the car so I have no say but seems a shame to me for a full classic to be chopped. 

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  7. On April 29, 2016 at 7:33 PM, John_S_in_Penna said:


    Matt, can you tell us more?  I know that a white or off-white

    car doesn't particularly appeal to me, but I didn't know 

    that other people, too, feel that white is less desirable.

    (There's a blandness, or washed-out feeling, about

    a white car to me, even though this sedan is an interesting part of history.)

    What colors are most popular these days?

    Does body style affect the color choice--since white convertibles

    seem to do well and can sometimes look sharp when they have red interiors?


    I've also heard the saying, "If it's brown, it stays around."

    Brown was popular in the 1970's, but not now.  Green may be coming back

    to acceptability.  Your insights are appreciated.


    I believe the proper statement is "if it's brown flush it down, if it's yellow let it mellow"

  8. 57 minutes ago, Steve_Mack_CT said:

    BillHymer with your permission I want to crash the party & "like" or join your group not to hang out there, I am clearly too old - mainly help promote it by inviting some Under 40s I know who are pretty involved in prewar cars that are not active on this forum.  They are out there, one is an aspiring collector car dealer around 29 or so, one is building a T Speedster to museum standards and Chris Summers, who frequents this forum and probably second only to Randy Emma in terms of Duesenberg knowledge also comes to mind,  He is on FB a lot more than here these days.  Those guys are all in the 28 - 32 age range. I hope it goes somewhere.  There are active pages dedicated to a lot of obscure things (Tokheim gas pumps come to mind) that get a fair amount of play, so you might be surprised with your results.  Anyway enjoy and good luck with it.


    That sounds great

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  9. On April 27, 2016 at 3:36 PM, 1931Chry said:

    Thank you all who have answered!  A lot of good ideas shared thus far, and I appreciate the input i'm receiving!


    Don't misunderstand me @mercer09, I definitely enjoy the opportunities, stories, and company I receive when i'm with those outside my current life-stage.  In many cases, this has led me to understanding items involving my classic that I never knew prior (such as one gentleman in my area pointing out that I have the wrong door handles, which starts another long search for door handles...).  Often, the fine people outside my current life-stage is where I come up with solutions, and a better understanding of the era my classic originated, which has supplemented the fact that I cannot ask these questions or gain this understanding from my late grandfather.  I truly appreciate, and thoroughly enjoy everything that the "seasoned" members/friends have been able to provide.


    For @vintagerodshop, & @BillhymerMD, if you ever find yourself near the Denver area, please contact me and I will treat you to a drink!  Thank you for posting, and as mentioned previously (I think the comment was edited), I wouldn't even mind starting a club for all of North America if it meant that I may be able to share my interests with like-minded, and like-aged folk.  As mentioned above by @Steve_Mack_CT, maybe a Facebook group would be beneficial?  I'll keep both ideas in mind as this forum continues, and if nothing else comes about.


    For @Steve_Mack_CT, @mercer09 & @John348, thank you for your input.  The same offer extends to you fine gentlemen as well, if you are in Denver, give me a shout out and i'll treat you to a beer!  





    So i so I took the first step and started a Facebook page...doubt it will go anywhere.  What would be fun it to physically get together with people our age and promote the hobby and Facebook does not do that but it may help people connect.  I called the Facebook page Generation X-Y-Z Prewar Motorcar Club.  X-Y-Z is basically anyone born after 1966.  

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  10. There are probably so few of us around that actually own a prewar car that you may have to expand the boundaries of the club...maybe simply North America ?.  I'm 37 and while I've run into lots of people my age who appreciate my car or prewar cars in general, I've never met one who actually owns their own.  I have met a few with rods or other customs but thats not really the same thing.  I'd venture to say there are few to none in Phoenix metro...a city of 4 million...who own and drive original prewar cars who themselves are under 40.  I hope I'm wrong because it would be a blast to get together with like minded people kind of in the same stage of life. 


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  11. Thank you all for the advice on starter rebuild shops.  Ended up having it rebuilt by a great shop here in Phoenix...total price $144.00.  Probably the cheapest thing Ill ever get rebuilt on the car and boy did it make a difference.  Bolted it back on today and it fired right up with a vigor that I've never heard from the car before.  Was able to take my Dad for a spin before he heads home tomorrow.  Mike


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  12. I was driving down the road in the 29 caddy and this guy flagged me down. Said he had been looking for me. Apparently saw the car days earlier. He was helping put one of the biggest fund raising events for the arts in Phoenix together. Theme this year is roaring 20s. Asked if they could put the car in the main ballroom. Of course that sounded great to me. They gave me two free tickets to the event. It happened to fall on my 11th wedding anniversary so it was great timing. Four course meal. Live band. Alice Cooper in attendance. Wearing a tux for the first time in a long time. We had a great time and so did the Caddy...post-154079-0-22009900-1457399381_thumb.post-154079-0-58312800-1457399393_thumb. I knew the car would take me places but I didn't know it would get me free admission to events like this. Love this car!

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  13. Does anyone have a picture of what the oiler on a late 20s / early 30s Cadillac looks like. This is the oil can that fits on the drivers side near firewall.

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