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  1. Carl I stumbled upon a 1931 Cadillac Concertible Coupe..... Engine does run but I've had a few people much wiser then I look at it and tell me it's in need of a rebuild. I've attached a few photos...we need to talk some time!
  2. Doing well Carl...may be purchasing a 29 touring soon. My closed car currently has the carb out for a rebuild and tires off...painting wheels. I will hopefully have it back on the road soon. Hope you're doing well! Mike
  3. Thanks for all the info. I'll have a look at the float and see if I can't work through the issue. Not a lot I can about the fuel.
  4. Since the weather cooled my 29 Cadillac is running poorly. The engine ran great all summer when it reached an engine temp 170 -185F. Now the engine only reaches a temp of 140 - 155F and the engine has been flooding, car backfiring and all around running terribly. The car has an electric fuel pump with fuel regulator placed many years ago, regulator set at lowest setting. I placed another inline fuel regulator thinking too much fuel was the problem because the car was puking it all over the road but I still have the problem even though I've limited the fuel significantly from the pump. Maybe it's the fuel? Or perhaps its because the thermostatic controller isn't working to heat the engine up? Any ideas appreciated.
  5. Here is a link for young people who love vintage cars...a Facebook group. We welcome you to join. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1696522337263630/
  6. I think you missed the point. The point is that someone chopped a "Full Classic". Full Classics are set apart by the CCCA for a reason. I don't propose that every old car be saved. But certain classics are set apart for a reason and should be. This was one of them. The car you give a link to is nice and cool but but no not the same thing. IMO
  7. To people who view full classics as works of art, it's painful to see them destroyed. And rightly so it upsets a few of us. One could argue that "its not your car so why do you care." But that is a lot like asking a baseball card collector not to care if someone buys a rare Babe Ruth card and then promptly cuts it into 20 pieces and then tapes it all back together. It makes you sick that there is one fewer example of that car out there for posterity. And this was a rare car.
  8. Speed is the not main problem. The problem is most people today are distracted. The smart phone is the main culprit but eating a double quarter pounder and fries while flying down the road at 80 mph doesn't help either. I don't think making people take tests more frequently will make roads safer ...the distraction factor is going to be there. The good news is that cars are so much safer today then they were even 10 years ago, and they'll be driving themselves soon enough anyway. But for those of us driving our classics we will always have to be vigilant as hell.
  9. Interstate 10 going through Phoenix is very dangerous....I know because I fix all the people who crash. The posted speed limit is 65 but the flow of traffic, when not rush hour, is 80 mph and even 90 mph as you get out of down town. If you were to follow the posted speed limit of 65 mph it would actually be quite dangerous as cars flew past you.
  10. In my humble opinion, I have no problem with someone hot rodding a 3 window ford all day long but I believe there are certain Marques that should not go down this road. I don't own the car so I have no say but seems a shame to me for a full classic to be chopped.
  11. This poor 1931 Cadillac has been chopped and rodded. This seems like criminal behavior to me. Perhaps someone can buy it and restore some dignity to it. On eBay now.
  12. I believe the proper statement is "if it's brown flush it down, if it's yellow let it mellow"
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