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  1. That's what I'm looking at right now. Thanks for your help! Chris
  2. Yep, looks like some kind of Lancia. I'll keep looking. Chris
  3. Thank you. I hadn't looked up Lancia... only Alfa Romeo, Fiat, and "Italian sedan". I'll look. Chris
  4. [update - Car has been identified as Lancia Appia] Hello, new here. Trying to ID this car. I thought it was Italian, but someone told me it may be French... a Peugeot. Thanks for any assistance. Chris
  5. I have someone who thinks it might be a Peugeot. I still can't find a photo like it.
  6. Hello, new here. I have some photos of a car I'm trying to ID. I think it's Italian, but I could be wrong. Any help is appreciated. Chris
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