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  1. From the album: 1918 Fiat Unrestored

    Finally got to post some pictures. Still needing help on value to buy as is. I'm told the motor ran 30 years ago. 140" wheel base. 7 passenger. 8 pictures total. Appreciate any feedback.
  2. ill work on the pictures as far as more info it ran 10 yrs ago then put in storage in fact its been stored for 60 yrs unrestored looks like complete but missing bumpers[ if there are any ] I cant find any pictures on the web has the 4 vertical air cylinder shocks that are very visible about 16 inches high 5 inch dia on the 4 corners of the vehicle canopy is there but not on vehicle right side of block at rear has 07 16 18 a stamp on the right side of body that says turin and poughkipsee the running boards are missing and im wondering if they were wood? there is no door at rght hand steering wheel im thinking maybe the spare tire mounted there? [ the driver would apparantly get in left side and slide over to get at a steering wheel] its grey w red fenders looks to be an aluminum body cause I don't see any rust looks like 4 cylinder motor w 8 spark plugs [4 on top -4 on rght side] some seats store in the back of the front seat wood spoke wheels 35x5 I think its a 140 inch wheelbase I need to confirm that though fiat is formed on left side of block the hood only has 2 slots on the rgt side and 2 on the left where air would flow through usually I see more air slots on other vehicles the windshield is 2 part both parts swivel open and close one on top one lower the car is all open no roof only the canopy which when on the vehicle seems like the sides are still open does anyone even know if there are any pictures of this vehicle?
  3. could anyone help me find info or value of a 1918 fiat touring car please? im striking out on my own there seems to be none i think its a e-17 touring series made in poukipsee ny Here is a link to the pictures