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  1. thanks for the help that was fast ill keep on trying
  2. well my brake lining finally separated from the brake shoe on my 46 chevy truck anyone know how to buy adhesive to put new lining on? ive googled tried mcmaster carr and local brake shop but not found anything yet im really not into drilling out the hardened shoes to do rivets any help would be appreciated
  3. well i think the horn switch could be out the end of the steering column theres continuity from pushing the center spring loaded cap on the center of the steering wheel to a wire terminal on the engine side of the steering column of course there is no wire attached only a nut and washer im getting convinced its a horn so im looking into what type next thanks for the comments
  4. yes thank you the wire reaches the horn [if thats what was there ] the other end goes to fuse panel and someone messed w the wires so no hints there it does have a air pump on the other side of motor to push gas from tank not sure what a vacuum tank is that was mentioned can you elaborate? im leaning towards horn now the quest to find what fiat used in this 1918 american fiat thanks to all
  5. yes you are good that bracket i have thats my motor before i fixed it up [ been working on it a yr now] i wasnt sure that this bracket was origional it looks so handmade and added as yes i see how the horn could mount on it but trying to be authentic and maybe this bracket is what do yall think? im looking up the vertical driven horn that was mentioned wow these cars are a study
  6. wondering what mounts on this brass bracket w the empty holes? this is a 1918 7 pass touring car 9 litre 4 cyl motor there is a wire that is coming out of spark plug wire copper pipe maybe horn? i dont know if this had a horn? im thinking it did cause steering wheel has a push button in center of steering wheel any thoughts?
  7. 1928 packard frame wheels springs steering rear diff asking 2500 obo 1 hr from hershey 901 497 6642
  8. trying to sell a packard frame and wheels during this yr hershey meet its about an hr away looking for info if you have any it has a 130 inch wheelbase and believed to be a 1928 if you can give me anymore info from the pics id appreciate it thank you for any help 2500 obo
  9. noticed the link didnt work 1st time hope this does [sorry]
  10. more than one way to do something w these old cars you just have to figure it out if anyone has rebuild info on these monster shocks please post ive found some but not much about rebuilding leather type washers etc. this shock[the leaf spring socket] actually came out its mount and the car road higher on one side so this work was done just to get the telescoping cylinders to collapse together and reingage the leaf spring
  11. anyone have a way of knowing oil capacity in a fiat 9 litre 4 cyl motor?there is a float in the pan that raises a dip stick that i thought tells the level[any other cars like this i wonder] but im not sure its working i think the holes allow you to see where the stick is or maybe thats the level? my thought was that the stick should level off w the top? id love to hear what yall think about this maybe theres a way to clculate capacities according to motor size? im really at a loss here there are no bolts to back out to check the level only this float the float is just like the one in the carb but this float in the pan has the rod or stick fastened to it 1st pic is float w rod 2nd pic is the oil fill tube that the top of rod sits in that im thinking should level off w the top? when the pan is empty the rod is at the lower holes maybe i just need to keep adding oil do these large motors have capacities of over 8 qts? does anyone own a large 7 passenger touring car w over 8 qt oil capacity? thanks for any help on this
  12. thanks much for the help got one coming in the mail my fiat apparantly was right in the time of starting to use these pin type 1916 17 18 era i have both grease caps and the pin type grease fittings trying to start the car on sat after 60 yrs in barn thanks again
  13. thanks for the help i didnt see an adapter on mcmaster carr but ill look more maybe it doesnt have to lock on the t im thinkin just a point to push on w/o a locking device on the t im gonna try that tonite i have a fitting like a push on needle it works on my model aa i was thinking it needs to lock onto the t but maybe not thanks again for the web site they have plenty of other stuff ill check out
  14. anyone have a recommend on using the t shaped alemite fittings? how do you best get onto the fitting to put in grease since a normal today type grease gun wont fit it? ive seen an adapter that will allow the use of a regular grease gun but wondering what is used by others? can you buy the old type grease guns that fit on these t type fittings? ive been looking but cant seem to find any anyone ever use the adapters and do they work?
  15. thanks to bernie i got almost 20 psi evenly w coke bottle and bicycle pump had to hand crank w it but alls good for now
  16. found this 20 yrs ago but couldnt buy it found out i could buy it this past oct of 2015 been working on it since may be in over my head trying to id this car its an american fiat tipo 55 1916 17 or 18 dont know for sure yet finding out there is no positive way to know the year been very interesting learning about how they used to build cars
  17. can you please help me to understand how you tested your oil pump im trying to test mine before i put engine back together thanks
  18. what is the best way to test an oil pump i have the pan off and oil pump pick up in oil but not picking up ive been hand cranking only is that not enough rpm"s? ive tried 30 wt oil and 20/50 wght my next attempt is to buy a battery and crank it but i dont think that will be much different its on a 1916 -17 18 fiat 9 litre motor [4 cyl] is there a good way to test an oil pump while on motor before i take it apart?
  19. i probably wasnt as clear as i could on how this car is set up there is a compression release handle on front of this car [pic] when lever is pulled out the whole camshaft moves in the block and thus the rollers on the lifters are in line w the higher spot on the lobe once it starts the lever is pushed in and all the rollers are now riding the same height on the front side of the lobe i just assumed this was in practice during this era? maybe fiat is the only car that had this type compression release for starting?im wondering if any other cars have this
  20. this is an american fiat tipo 55 9 litre 1916 17 or 18
  21. checking if anyone has knowledge about how compression release handle works heres my thinking the lobes on #2 and 3 and 6 and 7 have 2 heights as the pictures show so when the lever is pulled out the lobes hold valves open longer to aid in hand cranking once started the handle goes to in position and allows all lobes to be the same? i was starting to think the wear was on the cam but i think its made this way in order for compression realease to work or am i completely missing it? pictures show typical 2 height lobe on cam [013 and also the yoke that slides the whole cam] 030 and 031 pics shows the distance the cam moves when operating the handle [32 and 33 show same distance thanks for any help im a green horn working on a fiat tipo 55[american built] sure would appreciate anyone w knowledge on this chiming in
  22. this fiat plate came off my 1916-1918 touring car the # means nothing to everyone ive talked to its an american fiat im thinking cause it has american standard threads not metric fiat america only keeps records from 1980 centro storico [ a fiat museum in rome says it means nothing] im pretty sure its not earlier than 1916 cause it has a patent plate w 1908 - 1916? the motor is stamped 10-9-16 it has a 140 inch wheelbase which i think came out in 1918 im pretty sure its a tipo 55 but i always was counting on f.7041 to tell me something anyone have any wisdom on this why would fiat put such a plate on their vehicles if it means nothing? maybe it did back in the day?
  23. hey layden im needing a clamping ring is that the same as fello band mine is triangular and fits against the wood wheel and the clamps touch on it is it a split ring?
  24. can anyone explain why a wheel is stamped" firestone 34 x 4.5" [this is a wood wheel ] and the wheel measures 24.5 inches diameter and has 35x5 tires? whats the 34x4.5 have to do w anything? the wood wheels have the origional paint color and gold pinstripe that matches the car body so i feel it is the origional wheels the things ive found on the internet say that the origional tires for a 1918 fiat touring car are 35x5
  25. is this the east strasburg railroad in pa.? we went there on our honeymoon in 1981 if its the same rr they stop out in a field and blow the whistle it echoes back off the foothills a few moments later id love to be there but its a 1000 mile drive but im gona check it out for sure