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  1. still trying to sell this packard frame for my dad  new price of 3000.oo  if you might know of anyone he wants to sell     he has to pay those pa. taxes coming due     1 717 225 3835  don    planned to have it at the hershey swap meet  didnt work out but he will be there and the frame is 40 minutes from hershey   open to offers and thanks

  2. yes i see the similarities   is premier the name of the make?   i believe the one i pictured is a 1921  these pics were from a farm in tn   theres more    im  converting the 7x9 negatives to digital which is quite a process    the farmer who owned the 2nd car /a fiat 7 pass tourer/ was from italy and converted a cadillac into a truck that went to denver but he was an amazing car guy  yes the old radiators must be stupid expensive  guy on here is selling some  he had one like on my fiat   i passed out and got up off the floor after he told me 4900.00  it was also 2 inches shorter so i think theres alot of custom work in them and they are all alittle different?   i patched mine w high temp jb weld   it matches the drk grey aluminum  and is holding  i dont think theres many around anymore that build these radiators   i found a guy in california that said hed build mine but later backed down cause his guys couldnt handle it  you can find the cap e bay \ pre war cars  \    horsless carriage  \  you can also post "wanted"  requests       currently this ones listed 2.25 dia   cant tell if  yours is id or od     if you find a radiator rebuilder in your travels please let us know  you have a very awesome car cant wait till mine gets like it  been working 2 yrs at it now  i think its the only 1918 7 pass fiat tourer left its a massive 9 liter 4 cyl  dual ignition  and im a carpenter  so it goes slower   but its something to do

  3. thanks for your wisdom ivan      i always learn when i read your posts     the radiators are so different as in the pic of this fiat that i bought i bet the radiator is 100 lbs plus    very strong  and very custom    i almost bought another radiator like mine as a back up but the size was off by 2 inches  but looked exactly the same       when its part of the body thats a big deal   back to origional pic   i noticed the liscence plate has 1921 which is probably the year of pic?

    TR Fiat 1.jpg

  4. i have similar looking knob on my 46 chevy truck on driver side to unlock the door from inside  only key entry was passenger side   i guess you would leave your passenger in on the sidewalk side then they would unlock the driver side from inside   mine has no oid but it has a screw but looks similar and no rose pattern  its the small pc on this door lock pic  maybe a similar application on another vehicle

  5. does anyone have an idea where to buy a jet for a carter yf carb?  this is the jet that the metering rod passes through   seems you can get rebuild kits but not the jet   been asking supply places but so far cant get anywhere   thanks tim

  6. wow that was fast  thanks  something i need to read about   didnt know this is how they made them or maybe it was a farmer add on  this is from an old farm w a genius farmer so i see many evidences of his creativity each time i visit it  

  7. been hearing that dot 5 silicon base brake fluid is not corrosive as all other[ dot 4 and 3] anyone have insights on this?  im considering using it on my 46 chevy truck cause once the wheel cylinders leak aliitle the corosion is bad  im in process of replacing all cylinders and am considering this dot 5    it is important to get all the old fluid out i understand which is somewhat a pain but if it stops the corrosion its worth it to me   but i may be missing something so id appreciate any wisdom on this     thanks   bought a master cylinder from a very popular classic chevy supplier on line    little over a yr ago  noticed it dripping and tore into it  it was pitted and apparantly was patched and sold to me  w some filler  the filler lasted a yr and its to deep to hone out  so again everything got corroded  i guess the warning when i bought it was industria argentinia stamped   anyway thanks ahead 

  8. thanks for rock auto  great resource no resistor plugs for the 217 chev and they state that if they dont have it its not out there so im thinking there are no resistor plugs so im heading toward other avenues like carbon core wires and condensors   great comment that right plugs are more important than radio

  9. i have champion uy6 spark plugs in my 1946 chevy truck 216 6 cyl motor   i settled for them cause nobody at the auto stores knows what resistor plugs are  i have a radio in the truck and it makes terrible interference  ive been looking on web for resistor plugs but i guess im not good at it    cant find any that im  comfortable w      i think the uy6 is a 10 mm thread and 1/4 inch reach 5/8th hex  looks to me like there is no type champion resistor plug     if anyone knows a crossover chart or info to help id apreciate it     is there any merit in putting a graphite wire between the coil and distributor to get desired result?   any other knowledge about this radio interference please post   when i had resistor plugs in it in the 70.s it was fine   thanks

  10. well i cant believe this and it is the best i called napa and they have no listing for chev 46 brake shoes but auto zone had them and advance auto parts   made by duralast and get this 57.00 total for 8 shoes   i just never expected that to happen sorry i made so many people chime in but i was expecting a hard expensive project    wanted to let yall know and thank you

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