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  1. Thanks Joe, just wondering, guess I will keep it for trading material.
  2. Hi folks, hey I just picked up a free Dynaflow from a friend, out of a 52 Roadmaster straight 8, I have a 55 Century 322, are these interchangeable, just incase I need one. The 52 worked well when removed. Thanks, Greg
  3. On my 55 Century it goes from a screw just below the heater box to the dip stick bracket screw.
  4. Don't know about your insurance but if you have a collector car license on your car you cant tow anything and still be covered. at least that's what Washington state law states.
  5. I presume you are talking about lever shocks. I have a 55 Century and mine were dry as a bone when I got the car. Cleaned them up took out the plug and filled them with jack oil and they pumped right up. Seems to have worked pretty well. Most guys prefer to leave them instead of changing to regular shocks.
  6. google rear shock replacement 1955 buick, there are several photos showing a DIY installation, looks pretty easy, thinking of doing it on my 55 Century.
  7. so is the dynaflow similar the new Nissan CVT transmissions? They don't shift either
  8. will do thanks Willie, will keep posted after the holidays, Merry Christmas.
  9. thanks warhawk I will start there, Im guessing its lost two or more quarts just sitting.
  10. Hello again, you all helped me awhile back with a carb issue, well got a new one. When I first got the car it had had a fresh engine rebuild but I don't think any tranny work was done. Have driven it a hundred or so miles with no tranny leakage, after the last time I parked it in the garage it commenced to leaking probably half its contents all over the floor. Its pretty dirty and greasy so I intend to go at it with brake cleaner to see if I can find the leak or leaks. Anyone have any ideas where to look or has anyone had this problem? I know with my Harley if you leave it alone for several months it will puke a bunch of oil after first start up but. The car has 95k miles on it. Thanks Greg
  11. my 55 has the same things, not sure but it looks like something to keep the center of the hood steady when closed, I may be wrong though