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  1. The mechanical fuel pump has been leaking oil so on a (finally) nice warm day I removed the pump to replace the gasket. After a thorough cleaning I notice that the leak was not the gasket but a hole or crack in the triangular recess on the back side of the pump. The diaphragm was pumping a bit of oil out the crack. Since I don't need the mechanical pump (have an electric pump) I cleaned it up and epoxied the recess so it wont leak. But now I need a gasket to mount the pump. Anyone have a part number that will match? As a side note I found on the P15 forum that Airtex is making new pumps to replace the AC 588 pumps. Anyone know if these are compatible with E10 fuel?
  2. Not what I wanted to hear ;-( Any recommendations for a replacement besides the unobtainable 439? We are not looking for 100% original just functional. Thanks.
  3. I just might take that one. We can go off line avmxmgr@gmail.com
  4. Need help identifying this carb. Pretty sure it is a Marvel BorgWarner Model 10-2802-1 Engine may have come out of a 38 Dodge PU Car is hard to start and it is leaking fuel so it's time for a rebuild. Parts kit available? Rebuild by a carb shop?? Recommendations???
  5. Almost ready for the carpet. Anyone know where I can get the panel that goes over the transmission and Parking Brake? Or have the dimensions so I can make one?
  6. Yup those are the ones I need but have not found a source that has them. Made one from sheet material for the rear half of the over but still need the front cover, Car show tomorrow with lots of parts dealers maybe I'll have some luck there. Got a shopping list ready to go searching.
  7. Looking for advice on the trim panels and how they are attached. I only have one piece of wood to tack into on the top and it looks like two screws would hold the trim above and below the seat hinge bolt. Any other mountings?
  8. Just got the toe board back from sand blast and painted it flat black Does anyone replace the insulation on the forward side and if so what do you use? Thanks
  9. Well I know I need one but not sure about the drivers door. So I best get three. Maybe you can put it in the box if/when you find that front transmission cover Steve
  10. Just how awesome is this !! The pics are very helpful and the measurements will be most useful. Million thanks !! I'll be able to mock up the adjuster until I find a real adjuster. Thanks Chris and Scott Steve
  11. Great pics Scott thanks. Interesting way the plywood is trimmed. Looks like a steel band around the perimeter where the plywood is thinned down. I may try to fabricate a wooden block to replicate the adjuster. Just need the dimensions as I asked Chris in post above. Car did not come with any spares so I can't help there. Steve
  12. Great pics Chris Thanks Looks like tapered wooden blocks that the adjustor attaches to and then the steel cap mates the seat to the floor. Can you measure the length height and width of the tapered pieces? Also the adjustor length and height. If I cannot find replacements I plan on fabricating at least a substitute to get my seat up a bit higher. As it is now it's like a low rider and a bit uncomfortable. TIA Steve
  13. I understand the seat is supposed to have an adjustment mechanism but it is one of the few things missing from our PD. Does anyone have a link to where I can get a replacement? Steve
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