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  1. I successively repaired the Bendix drive in my 1930 series 145. I had a sheared-off bolt on the driving head. Turns out my Bendix (parts catalog listed as model LT10XTF) is quite similar to a Model T Bendix model LT10FA. Only the drive head differs (Franklin has a rear support that fits into a hole in rear of starter housing). Lang's Old Car Parts, http://www.modeltford.com/item/5021G.aspx, has the required parts except for the drive head. Reasonable too, at bolt and washer set, drive key, and spring a total of $11.45. I extracted the sheared-off bolt, installed the spring, key and bolts, and wiggled it all back into my Franklin. So far, it is working fine. A good article on the subject is at http://carsofmydreams.com/technical/model-t-bendix/