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  1. I've never seen a dual reservoir direct bolt on replacement for those cars (someone here can correct me if I'm wrong). Since your car isn't original/stock anyhow, there are companies that offer dual reservoir master cylinders that mount to the frame similar to the one that's on your car. However, you will have to do some modification and fabrication to make it work.
  2. If you still need the clips, I have the 3 clips used to hold the trim on. They're used, but in good shape. You can have them if you want them, just cover shipping cost. Dave
  3. Just to make a correction to the first reply. The 25 does not denote it was a 6 cylinder car. The 2569D shows it was a 4 door sedan deluxe. Both the sixes and eights used prefix 25 - the 69D indicates the body style. The engine size is not specified on the body tag. Only on the serial number. All cars from 1949-1953 used prefix 25, this continued through 1954, however the Star Chief's used prefix 28 staring in 1954. I have a 1951 and a 1952, both are 2569, one is a deluxe, the other is not. Both are factory straight eight cars. If you look at the second characater of your serial number (located on the drivers A pillar), that will tell you if it was a straight eight or straight six car (6 or 8), the 4th character S or H denotes if it was a manual or hydramatic transmission. Also, as pontiac1953 pointed out - 00 or "5000" indicates the car was black, and most likely came with Carteret red wheels from the factory. Dave