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  1. OK so it came off something after 1926, do you by chance know what the round stock that was connected to the mount was?
  2. That was the first thing I thought to. It does have an element and lights on 6 volt but not very bright. Wasn't sure when DB went to 12 volt.
  3. I found this headlight on a crushed fender sticking out of a farmers dump, amazing it survived considering the condition of the dump. Unfortunately not realizing what it was I cut the mount off the fender to recover the light. Once home and a lot of cleaning I discovered it was a DB headlight and started to attempt to identify what it came from. The mount was 6 to 8” tall with a ¼” piece of round stock going through in what’s left of the mount in the pic below. My confusion is twofold, first why is the headlight bulb blue?, is it possible someone didn't have a clear one to replace a burnt bulb? Second, what was the purpose of the round stock bolted to the mount? Would love to know what it was attached to but realize there is now way of knowing without further excavation which is planned in the near future due to the light and multiple wood spoke wheels’ grills, leaf springs and multiple other parts found on the surface. Spent most my Sunday watching football and researching on line learning a lot about the Dodge Brothers and the history of their cars but with little to now results about the blue bulb. For some reason the bulb thing is driving me nuts, any help would be appreciated.
  4. Yes, the key hole is under the logo the little pin you see is the pivot point to access the logo.
  5. The Chevy part I know, its the rest of the stroy im looking for.
  6. I fount this hubcap and can find very little about it anywhere. It measures 8" across and the center is on a pivot that allow access of a bolt to release the cap. Any help would be great, just looking for aprox year and model as most of the car apears to be in the general area where this was found and wondering if i should keep digging for more treasure. Thanks
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