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  1. Rubber snubbers? So that's what goes in those little holes. :)


    No Abe this was a custom reproduction from our own Jim Page. I'll get a full dash shot when it warms up a bit. Fits great and looks terrific.


    FYI I have more pics of the car in my gallery Katies33PD



  2. Installed the new glove box yesterday!! Nearly perfect fit just a little finesse to get the holes lined up. Jim did a great job building this.


    Thanks Jim!!!





  3. Received the new glove box last Friday and gave it to Katie for Christmas.


    Jim Page did a great job fabricating the new box from the patterns from our old mouse eaten original.


    Here are shots of the original and the new


    Thanks Jim

    iPad 033.JPG

    iPad 035.JPG





  4. Jim Page should be receiving my original sometime today so he can make a new one for me.


    It is not plumb nor square after the mice got through with it so the scan might be a bit skewed. ;)


    Looking forward to see what Jim can do.


    No pressure Jim:)

  5. Bought a new Airtex pump and it looks good but have not had time to install it. Pump is rated for modern fuels according to Airtex so it should last a while. Now I will need the flex hose from frame to pump and the correct size line from pump to carb.



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