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  1. Joe, Thank you very much for the info on the Antenna regards Bruce
  2. I have been looking for a quality radio antenna, the universal ones i have located are crap and break off if touched just the wrong way. I saw one on line called Metra which appeared to look OK but pictures can not always tell the true story. any help would be appreciated, Bruce Watson tralee@telus.net
  3. It is leaking between the top & botoom of fuel pump where the diaphram sits. Bruce
  4. After a great tour in October, I noticed once I arrived home that my fuel pump had developed a leak. There doesn't appear to be a problem getting a new one, its a matter of getting a good one. Prices seem to range all over the place. from $69.00 to well over $100.00 After looking at the reviews on the cheaper one (Airtex ) There seems to be a problem that some of them leak upon installation. So I guess my question is how do I find a quality pump of original design? I know that Andy Bernbaum & Roberts Motor Parts show them in their Catalogs but are they also using a universal pump like Airtex. I just don't want to put on a pump that give me a short life, any help would be appreciated, Regards Bruce Watson
  5. Thanks to everyone that responded, I will look into the information that Rusty suggested I think that is the way to go. Much appreciated Bruce
  6. I am noticing the back end of my 47 Coupe is lower than the front end & doesn't do very well on any road bumps. I gather from my own description that it would be more likely the springs. Beside of the options of replacing the springs, is there any other options to increase the life or bring the level & performance of the springs to a more comfortable ride?? Regards Bruce Watson
  7. Rusty, I thank you very much, you gave me the information I was looking for which wasn't as straight forward in the manual, Regards Bruce
  8. TO Spinney Hill Thank you for your reply, The transmission is the Hydraulic one. Bruce
  9. I understand that the transmission uses 10 wt oil. Does the fluid drive itself also use 10 wt oil? next question, I am a little fuzzy about how to check the oil level and how to access the plug to be able to do the checking on the fluid drive, even after reading the manual!. Am sure somebody out there could give me a heads up on this. regards Bruce
  10. Rusty, After analyzing what has to be done I agree that it would be better to have it done in a shop that has the experience , Thanks for your input. Bruce watson
  11. Iam looking at doing the valves (with the engine in the car). Is this possible & what would be the procedure? Bruce Watson
  12. Bob, I didn't realize that you do not need the plug washers when using the Evr dry kit, but it does make sense as your plug will then be the same distance into the chamber using the normal plug & washer-----good tip , thank you. My evr dry kit is on the way so all this info ahead of time is very helpful. Great picture! I also have the snap lock clip on order. Many thanks Bruce Watson
  13. Thanks Rust & Bob for your input , I think the Belden snap lock would make it easier to put the boot on & off if I have to change plugs,. With the snap lock you should be able to put the terminal clip on the plug & then pull the boot over top. The idea of a shot of silicone on the wire will make it a lot easier to pull the wire thru.. I really appreciate the reply & will be ready once the package arrives from Robert's Regards Bruce Watson
  14. I purchased my 47 Chrysler just over a year ago,at that time it did not have the ever dry package. After a tour last week, i need it. I have the ever dry package on order. Before I install it I have a question. What size or type of spark plug terminal clip would be the best to have to properly fit the rubber cap so it fits properly over the metal cup that the plug fits into. This is a small matter but if any one has some idea's I would appreciate hearing . Bruce Watson
  15. 47windsor

    47 Windsor

    Over a year ago I purchased my 47 Windsor and it came without the ever dry package. After a tour last week I found out I need one. I have ordered the package but before I install it I have a question. What shape or size should the terminal clip for the spark plug be? Looking at the package in the cataloge it appears that the terminal clip would be important to allow the rubber cap to fit properly over the the metal cup that the spark plug fits into. I would appreciate any feed back on this small but important issue. Bruce Watson
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