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  1. Once I get the inner seals changed out again, Im ready for reinstallation of the axle shafts. Attached are pics of the all the components. I temporarily sat the outer seal and bearing cup (or Brg race) hub assy on the shaft so one can see how it sits. Dont exactly understand how, with having such a large ID of the outer felt seal around the axle shafts - how it can actually keep the grease in with that much of an opening.
  2. I was afraid of that being the case. But better to confirm that now than figure that out when trying to install the shafts and set the end play. VIv, you recommended 2-3 thousands for the end play. I found that the 70 owners manual under Axle Shafts (towards the back of the book, pg 51, eleventh edition) is saying 8 thou - .008" that sounds like alot. Have attached pics of the old bearings in place when I removed the hubs. It appears that the differential gear oil was leaking past the inner seals and into the wheel bearing grease. Also, all the wheel cylinders were leaking pretty badly but I dont see how Brake fluid would have got into the axle tube and wheel bearings. The car sat in a car trailer, stored for 7 years prior to me getting the car. Since it had no brakes - onto the jack stands it went - 4 years ago.
  3. Another possible problem - Did I put the inner seals in backwards ? Hope not. See attached photos. I dont know which side of the felt seal metal housing is suppose be facing out -Smooth rounded edge or how I put them in with the raised sealed edge facing out ? I dont think I can remove them without damaging them. I'll have to use modern Lip seals If they need to come out. Found some photos of the outer bearings and seals before I removed them . Looks like the inner seals had failed flooding the bearings and brg grease with differential lube. I'll post those separately so I dont overload on file size. The raised sealed lip sticks up proud approx 1/16". Thanks, Cricket
  4. Yes he is Still doing "early" Chrysler parts Mostly pre 1930. Jay Astheimer , cell (610) 462-3631, astheime@ptd.net, Cricket
  5. Thanks Viv. I certainly did not know that tip. They would have burnt out. About how much gear oil on the new seals ? Like soak it good all around the perimeter of the felt untill its saturated ? Sorry I have no experience with felt seals only lip seals, rubber and cork gskts. Glad you like the wrench. I have a good friend that is a retired Tool & Die and prototype machinist that still works from his home shop. He is a great resource, key member of our local AACA region here in north Florida, and active with the national meets. It feels good to finally get back on this car project - it has been on jack stands for 4 years now. Cricket
  6. Well folks obviously my memory is fading,;, Went down to the garage to take some photos and take a look at the axel tubes and the front end of the differential. Inner seals I installed are NOT modern day lip seals . They are Victor #14902 felt seals enclosed in a all metal housing. Photos attached showing the seal and the threaded screw-in bearing cup hub and the special spanner wrench that was made for those hubs so that I could remove them after many years. What do yall think about these old style seals ? They are never used and in excellent condition. I have tried this week to see if these are still available anywhere to have some spares and to advise everyone of a source for them. No Luck. Also just info purposes- including pictures of the bearing cup hub . There is a felt outer seal , seal retainer washer, and retainer clip ring that are not yet installed. All of you well seasoned Chrysler folks know all this. I am learning as I go thanks to all of you and hopefully some less experienced folks can can learn something too. Will follow up with pics of the outer seal and associated parts installed in the hub. Cricket
  7. Thanks to both your replys. Both shafts are out of the original differential to the car. There are no numbers stamped on the axles , Both are the same lengths, The axle tubes do have the screw in knotched flange hubs that hold the bearing cups and felt grease seals. Question: The Oils seals that I was supplied and installed are spring loaded lip seals, It is the modern replacement but will they hold up and is it the best thing to to be using ? Cricket KJ Lake CIty, FL
  8. Sorry, mine is a 2 Door 5 passenger Coach . there are 2 single front seats, The wood framing is different. Cricket
  9. Will this work for Bypass only oil filter system - 1925/26 218 cu inch 6 Cyliner ? Cricket
  10. i pulled both rear axles out about three years ago to replace all the seals and bearings . I pulled a novice mistake - didnt mark on them left and right. They look identical.Both look to be in very good shape. One has some slight wear on the spline end- a little more than the other one, No rolled edges on either one. I have no experience with rear ends other than changing axle shaft bearings and grease seals. The cover is off the rear end. and I have made a new cork gasket. Driveshaft has not been removed. (2) Questions - 1. Does it make any difference which shaft is left and right ? If so - how do I fiqure that out now ? 2. What else do i need to check or do while I have the rear end open and the axles out, Car was running and driving before going on the four jack stands. Every seal and gasket on the rear end and axles was leaking pretty good. Front pinion seal is also leaking a good bit but that is a lot more complicated so that will be a complete new topic after I get the axles back in. THanks, Cricket
  11. Viv Is a Tourer the same thing as a Roadster or a Phaeton ? Cricket KJ
  12. Glad you made it thru all the turmoil -both Nam and your aftermath. Thumbs Up,Affirm. Cricket JKJ
  13. I wasnt born until 62 so I was only 10 in 72 when things were pretty much winding down.My father was a flight engineer on a B24 bomber flying missions over Germany towards the end of WWII. When he came home to Jacksonville FL he went to work for the US Navy for 40 yrs repairing aircraft and worked his way up. He was transferred around a good bit and sometimes we lived on the navy base where he was stationed or in the local community with military families living all around us, We were taught to respect our country, our flag and most of all the military servicemen and their families. Bare with me folks - The last 4 yrs of Nam and for several years after he was stationed at NAS Cecil Field- a jet base for A4's and A7's that rotated in and out to Vietnam area carriers. All my friends in the neighbor hood and at the local school had fathers serving over there -either Navy or Marines. My oldest brother and my sisters husband enlisted and served on the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal which was deployed over there Every night we watched the local and reports of local and national news with coverage of Nam - especially for the reports of of casualties to local squadrons. Every night Walter Cronkite would give the number of service men killed or wounder that day and a total for whole duration of the war. We had friends whose dads were never coming home and friends whose dads were being deployed. I saw first hand how Vietnam affected families, and even my dad as he lost friends and colleagues. He was always so upset at the way all the Vietnam vets were treated. All that to say what a healthy respect all of us kids in our family has for our all of our service men and women that served in the Vietnam war, The tears are now flowing down onto the keyboard and I am literally crying right now for the way alot of Americans treated our Vietnam Vets and for the way many dont appreciate our Armed Service personnel. THANKYOU TO ALL OF YOU MEN AND WOMEN WHO HAVE SERVED. My heart goes out to you with such deep respect. Now that I Hijacked the topic - I would stand there assisting my day while he worked on the cars, trucks, lawn mowers, boat engines, tvs, radios, or any other appliances that were broke especially for families whose dad was deployed or was killed over there. He could fix anything -mechanical, electrical, or electronics. He learned alot of skills in the military and while working for the military. I loved working on cars with him - In turn I learned to be a Do It Yourself Gearhead and a Shade Tree Mechanic from my US Veteran Father. He Passed away and was buried at sea from the decks of a US Navy destroyer in the Gulf of Mexico in 1993. Thankyou to the United States of America US Armed Forces . To our Vietnam Vets -WOOYA !! Sincerely, Kelly Jordan Lake City ,FL 1964 Volvo 122S (sold) My first car and restoration 1967 Mustang Coup 1925 Chrysler G70 2 door Coach
  14. THANK YOU SHARING THIS .It is very moving. My Heart goes out to ALL of the law enforcement officers across our nation. Every day these brave men and women with a sense of duty and pride for their city, state, and nation, go to off work putting their selves in harms way. They all just want to do their job to keep all of us across this nation for our freedoms, safety, and that people follow the rules. These gallant folks expect to go home to their families and friends every day. Alot of them dont make it. Thanks to all of you brave folks that serve or have served ! Kelly Jordan Lake City, FL
  15. The Exhaust/intake manifold is is not correct for a 1925/1926 Crylser six - they don't have the upward curl and flat area over the end exhaust port like both of these in photos. The manifold is more or less straight across and turns 90 deg into the #1 exhaust port. Cricket
  16. I have a 25 G70 2 door Coach- pics attached. Body should be exactly the same as B70 I think ?? What is the difference between a B70 and a G70 ? I have not heard of a B70 before but Im no expert by any means at all . I "assumed" that the B series was B60 and G was a G70,. We all know what assuming things get you. I can provide photos of anything on the car if needed. The front cowlings and radiator is off the car right now and just the long block and the rest of the drive train is in the car right now but you have all that done. Its been 3 years trying to get this thing going. Cricket - Lake City, FL, USA
  17. I was wondering about that - just going ahead and replacing the bolts. Youre right about the threads for sure. Learned that the hard way myself on a number of nuts and bolts that I used std dies and taps to just " chase the threads ". Then I found out out on these AACA forums there really are " Thread chasing Dies and Taps" which I now have a set of them. They are not found at a hardware store or a Home Depot either. One has to order them in. Cricket.
  18. Can someone please advise what the correct torque is suppose to be for the crankshaft main bearing caps and connecting rod caps. All the caps have castle nuts and carter pins. Also what is the best pre lubricant that should be applied when reinstalling ?. Thanks, Cricket.
  19. Yes the mains and rod caps have castle nuts and cotter pins on this engine. Thanks for the info. I will see if I can get some more specific quide lines for these early Chrysler engines. Doe anyone out there that run this engine have any additional info on the proper tightening of the main and rod caps. Perhaps I should post in the technical forum as well. Thank you both. Cricket.
  20. Thankyou for the information. It gives me something to go by at least . Cricket.
  21. Can someone please advise what the correct torque is suppose to be for the crankshaft main bearing caps and connecting rod caps. Thanks, Cricket.
  22. I got the crankshaft Pulley off after removing the 4 bolts in the center cross member that bolt it to the frame rail and then jacking up engine/trans assy. The sprocket gear that was lodged in the chain case is not damaged- just the oil line that is mounted right above the sprocket gear. It bent was over 45 deg and pinched completely shut. I was able to fix the line - there was enough tubing there behind the timing gear to cut off the pinched part and adjust the tubing run slightly. Thanks to all for your comments and suggestions. Cant get photos to post- will try again later. Discovered other Timing issues -will address in separate post. Cricket
  23. This might be the ticket ! Great info. I will call the mfr - Aremco and the porcelin coatings folks and advise back next week. Thanks, Cricket.
  24. Thanks all for your input. There are many deep pits on this 93 yr old manifold. The base metal is quite thick but the pits are D e e p. I'll see what I can find as a possible replacement before I get my nerves to start messing around whats not cracked, blown thru, or broken. Im most likely on borrowed time before those pits start blowing thru. Cricket
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