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  1. It's actually pretty relative. Some antique clubs here in Brazil will consider that any car with 80% autenticity is a true antique, even though the way they measure it is not the most reliable. Some purists would say that you commited a heresy, but I think most would agree that is not a big deal.
  2. Sorry for the long time between replies, it's been a complete mayhem at work for the last couple weeks. Anyway thanks for all the answers guys! This one sounds really nice. Nice prices, parts available and a decent power to mpg ratio, totally worth checking it out! Thanks! Yeah, I saw that it has some rusting problems. But fortunately there are some treatments for it, as long as it's nothing way too big it can be dealt with. That's also a really good sugestion! I never heard of this car before. Thanks a lot! An SP2 in a reasonable condition here would cost around 30k (already converted to dollars). That's a lot of money for a car that's not that worthy. It gained the classic status, so it's price went up really fast. I actually thought a lot about the Mustang (and a little about the Capri), and they are my go to cars if I ever have any problem deciding. The dart sounds awesome. I'll probbly give it a try!
  3. The SP2 is good looking, but 75HP is not even close to what I'm aiming at. Although it would be an excelent candidate for a future project car involving an engine swap. Are the Datsun's parts hard to find? If not he's still the number one in my list. It would indeed be easier to buy a car here. The problem is that the cars we have here are not that great. They usually have some major flaws and, for many of them, I'd have to get parts from ebay anyway. Many of them would be awesome project cars, though. Thanks for the tip, already edited most of the drama out of it!
  4. Attending to requests, I shortened a lot the text. Too much useless info. I'm 20 years old brazilian and, if everything keeps going as planned, in about 2 years I'll import a car from US. What I want is a somewhat light car with a reasonbly nice engine and a cool look. What I need is a car that is easy to mantain and that is a least a bit fuel efficient. Bonus points if the car is under 10k. Obviously concessions can be made on anything. I don't have any mechanical skills, but I plan on doing a course as soon as I finish college (in about one year) and I plan of doing most of the work on the car on my own. As I live in a tropical area, I don't have to worry with snow and rain. The trafic is pretty good and the roads are not bad at all, so above average safety is not really important. The only problem is that we don't have many older cars around here and, the few that we do have are either pieces of crap or ridiculously overpriced. So I decided to import a nice car by myself. Due to our laws, we can only import cars that are at least 30 years old, so the car has to be at most from 1987 (considering that I'll buy it in 2 years). I was thinking of a Datsun 240z or, maybe, an Impala, but I don't know how easy it would be to import the necessary parts that WILL be needed for repairs sooner or later. Are they easy to find in the US? So, what is your opinion? Any personal favorite that I should take a look or just a nice car that would not be a bad idea? _________________________________________ TL;DR About me: I'm a brazilian 20 yo who, in 2 years, will import a 70's car because here we don't have anything nice for a reasonable price. What I want/need in the car: -Somewhat small and light; -Good engine that won't let me down easily; -Something in the lines of 200 to 250 HP; -Fuel efficient (as long as those cars go); -Easy to find parts; -Easy to work on; -Bonus points if it's under 10k, but not mandatory. Thanks to everyone who took their time to read this post and an even bigger thanks to everyone who will eventually answer this!