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  1. I am in need of one 20" dodge wheel or a pair of 18" wheels. I think they came on 1935-37 Dodge pickups. I can trade my one 20 incher towards a pair of 18 inchers. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  2. 6 cylinder, I found one just like it and it was listed as Hercules engine applications.
  3. What are these worth, I am going to sell them. I think I over payed when I purchased them, thinking they were for a cadilac v-12 or something like that. Thanks Shawn
  4. The one on the left with the tach drive the part number is 4249. Thanks Shawn
  5. The two on the right are part number 4027. The one with the tachometer output I cant read the numbers on, it is similar but a little different than the other two. All I know is they were all in the same box when I got them. I am going to try and lightly sand the number plate and see if I can get the numbers off the one with the tach drive tomorrow.
  6. Yes, has dual points four lobe cam and a dual rotor. Did nash use there own motor or was it another manufacturer. Thanks Shawn
  7. I have two IGE 4027 Distributors I found, don't know what they are for either v-12 or twin six, any help would be great. Thanks
  8. I have two new old stock distributors part number 1111824. Any Help?? Thanks
  9. Yeah send me some pictures and a price. email address is Thanks Shawn
  10. 13CADDY Please contact me about the 1932 Studebaker hubcaps you have. I would like to buy them. Thanks Shawn
  11. I am deperate already, how much do you want for the hubcaps. Email me
  12. Also looking for the outer trim band Rings for the 18 inch cast spoke wheels. Thanks
  13. I am in need of a few parts for a 1928 Pontiac Roadster. I need a passenger side quarter panel, door, and trunk lid. I have a pretty nice restorable car, but am missing all those parts. contact me direct please Thanks