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  1. Hi all.I own the Pawnstar car.They paid 17000.00 for it. They screwed up the fuel system and brakes and parked it. I paid 9500.00for it and in a half hour had it running. The brake linkage was all ot of adjustment and needed relining.It cost 200.00 to reline. The car runs unbelievable even in Vegas summers. It's a very tight car body and drive line. I go to breakfast with the model t club and they are amazed how smooth the moter is. Mike
  2. Thanks for all the info. My brakes will lockup the rear tires. The problem is here in Vegas is people drive like idiots pulling out in front of you or passing and cutting in front of you to slam there brakes on to turn into a driveway. My wife drives the car and would like better stopping power. I was told about front disc brake kits for model t 's and are looking at other options. We love cruising around town and would feel safer with better brakes Thanks again for the info Mike
  3. I have an1918 E45 that I want front brakes on. I can get a 1925 buick parts car with a complete front and rear brake setup. Any Ideas if it possible to swap the front axle and use the brakes? Thanks Mike
  4. Hi Dave. The car runs great and is out almost every weekend. I go to the model T club breakfast on Saturday mornings (they say I add some class to them) and some Sundays at the car show at Jones and Cheyenne. Mike
  5. Hi Dave. I sealed my carb float with model airplane paint dope. IT s safe for all fuels. You can find dope at a hobby store. I also live in vegas and have a 1918 E45 buick. Mike
  6. I have an E 45 too. Been having almost same problems with mine in the Vegas heat [110 plus]. I heat wrapped the exhaust pipe put heat reflective tape around the vacuum tank .I also took off the part between the carb and exhaust manifold. Runs much happier now but still not happy at 115 degrees in traffic. The car has a fuel pump and a carburetor float blow in the vacuum tank. Next step is to buy real gas not blendedgas . Good luck with yours Mike
  7. Hi all. I recently bought the car and have it running well using info from this forum. Someone had taking the fuel system apart and gave up on it. I put a float bowl ass in the vacuum tank to control the fuel level from the electric pump already on the car. The car drives great and gets attention everywhere we take it. I have been restoring army trucks for 30 years and this is my first old car. My wife loves the car and drives it. Thanks for all the info on this site .Mike
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