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  1. well i guess i will be having a look Flying from Amsterdam, just the last bit is difficult, bloody remote. keep you posted
  2. local as in craigslist Edinburgh, but this being intenet you can see from far.
  3. I talked to them and they want it gone as it is. The will specified it couldn't be sold. Posh Scottish family, near Edinburgh, the older lady that put up the ad doesn't want to be seen breaking that promise and be rummaging around in it so can't tell me more than that is is general parts. Boxes are in the family home and the rest of the family is watching is the feeling I got. She had no clue of cars, and no interest in it at all. Thing is I wouldn't even trust some local garage to pick it up for me. Rent-a-van I am afraid. The scribbling on the boxes are what peeked my interest, but someone else could decipher them as well. I may have to get on a plane brrrrr, never got stuff like this. Could a single valuable part make up for the effort, or doesn't it work like that? What parts to look for in general, does that differ per car?
  4. tempting right. But if stored from those days they should be in good quality. Could good quality parts from those days NOT be worth the effort, you wouldnt strip a simple car and save it is my guess. Doubt, but i dont want to wait too long. What would a cubic meter of parts weigh, dont even know that
  5. I saw a local ad for a box of car parts in the UK. The parts are all pre-war and apparently stored since that time. Now I don't have much experience with that era, but am i right in thinking that any box of parts from that time should be worth picking up? Problem is the want me to take all or nothing, three large boxes, something like 3 cubic meter in total. They don't seem to know anything apart from some scribbles marked on the outside. Tempted to have them picked up.
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