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  1. Hi all many thanks for your feedback and info luckily we have all listed parts in good condition but am looking for LH inside dog leg support panel if its still available otherwise we can fabricate it . Regards Allan Lameroo South Australia Australia
  2. Hi All just wondering what's available for this model in the States . Any feedback appreciated. Regards Allan
  3. Hi all we found the problem one of the fellas helping Clive used the Coil terminal as a power source for the electric fuel pump that had been installed due to the fact that the old pump wasn't serviceable . As a result once coil warmed up fuel pump cut out ,all we have to do now is get carby sorted out. Regards Allan On another note we are looking for Radiator cap Mascot .
  4. Evening all something went wrong while posting this query just updating all those that provided me and Clive with follow up info on his 1929 Chrysler 70 . Re Rubber Cushions for springs we were able to get them from Steele Rubber in Denver these have now been fitted making it a different car to drive. I had the privilege of filling fuel tank for the first time in over 50yrs. But now that we are able to drive it we have a situation where we can travel for say 3kms before it then cuts out through lack of fuel we have fitted an electric fuel pump as original pump was not the best . The last time it was driven yesterday it was found that the base of the inlet manifold was so hot it was boiling the fuel as I didn't have anything to do with motor rebuild I was wondering if there is supposed to be a heat shield between exhaust manifold and Inlet manifold. I await your feedback . Regards Allan Lameroo mob 0429082419
  5. Evening All allan from Lameroo this end you may all remember me when I was searching for window regulators for my mate 1929 Series 70 Chyrsler. Well to cut to the point we ended up getting what we were after including the steel rubber spring cushions fro Steele Rubber in Denver and they have now been fitted making for a much better ride. Now that we are registered and running we are experiencing a hot spot in between the exhaust manifold and inlet manifold causing a boiling effect thereby causing engine to cut out . Does anyone have any ideas as to the design of said manifolds as I had nothing to do with the engine rebuild some Im not sure of the interconnection etc. If it was easier to post I would send some photos but am un able to . Regards Allan Mob 0429082419 Lameroo We are also looking for a Radiator Cap Mascot
  6. Hi we have been able to procure a left hand regulator we are now chasing up steel rubber cushions for same model have been in contact with Steele Rubber in Denver . We have also been in Contact Spectrum Rubber through info provided by Veteran Car Club od Australia who are located in Sydney we are now awaiting for reply from them also. Regards Allan 32hyb
  7. Hi Mcgoo they do wind down but not all the way instead of a normal handle on the regulator its a "T" handle I will get a photo for you . Regards Allan 32hyb Lameroo
  8. Thanks for the feedback I'm just waiting on a reply from them to make sure we are both on the same page. Regards Allan 32hyb Lameroo South Australia Australia
  9. Evening its 9.37p Monday here we are looking for replacement Spring Mount Cushions to suit a 1928-29 Chrysler 70 sedan . I was given a link from a bloke who had just sold a rear spring hanger off same model on Ebay USA. The Link is as follows www.steelrubber.com/ I went to this site and they have listed a set of 8 to do whole car but the photo doesn't have much detail and I'm just wondering if anyone knows of this company and may be able to help us out. Regards Allan 32hyb Lameroo South Australia
  10. Hi I'm after a tail light lens for 1928-30 Chrysler 70 sedan . Regards Allan 32hyb Lameroo South Australia
  11. Evening from Lameroo South Australia Australia I have posted before about the same car wehavent had any luck as yet. We were all working on said vehicle today just thought I would trow this out there ,in regards to adjusting door alignment etc. which is the best way to do it via spacers behind hinges as the actual hinges don't have any adjustment both vertically and in and outwards. I'm used to normal automobiles that have slotted holes in door strikers and hinge plates. We are also looking for a radiator ornament as we are not sure what it should even look like as we don't have one. Also we are after a full set of exterior door handles . I nearly forgot re the door lock we are after the actual brass locking lever or what I call switch not the whole locking unit see photo. Regards Allan 32hyb Lameroo email mallee-exp@riverland.net.au
  12. Hi keiser31 Im only going on info provided by the owner the car has been in the same family since new. But I will check . Regards 32hyb
  13. Hi Rich thanks for you reply I will follow up on that link you mentioned. Regards Allan 32hyb Lameroo
  14. Hi all Allan from Lameroo South Australia Australia we are looking for left hand window regulator and door locking mechanism complete . We would appreciate any help as we are rushing to complete this restoration for a terminally ill mate . Regards Allan 32hyb
  15. Hi all tried posting some photos of door lock and window regulator but for some unknown reason this site wont let me . Any ideas WHY ???. Regards Allan 32hyb