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  1. Located in Delaware give ne a call 302-563-3100. Thank You Rob Hilyard
  2. Yes i have a set of door that some else had restored if i remember they put new skins on them. i used a different set didn't need them for my car. Would you like me to send pictures?
  3. I do have 1965/66 mustang fenders i did sell the ones listed about a year ago. I do have a few more give me a call 302-563-3100 Thanks Rob
  4. wanted Ford 1969- 1973 f250 8 lug parts truck Wanted 2wd with Power disk brake in front.
  5. Yes It does have a dent in the left fender. It is not the lighting. Thanks
  6. 1965/66 Mustang (NOS) left and right fenders in boxes some dings a dents from sitting around see pictures price $470.00 Each Located in Delaware. Call Rob 302-563-3100
  7. HI Would it be posable to look over your car. i live in delaware. Thanks Rob Hilyard cell 302 563 3100
  8. I'm looking for a nice set of 1965 mustang sail panels chrome vents needs to be in good shape it doesn't mater what color i can paint them.. Thanks Rob .
  9. Looking for a good Reliable & Reputable chrome shop in the De/PA/NJ area or one i can send the parts to.. I have a few small parts i need re chromed. Thanks Rob
  10. Looking to purchase a 1965 Ford mustang power steering box any condition Tag# needs to read HCC-AX will pay for shipping Call Rob 302-563-3100
  11. Getting ready to replace my windshield in my 1965 Ford truck. What is the best sealent i should use with the rubber gasket.?
  12. Rob1965

    My 1965 Mustang

    1965 Mustang TotalRestoration
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