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  1. all 4 videos are being uploaded, standby for the link. Mr. Peterson, you and another fella explained to me that the history adds no added value. I find that hard to believe but at the same time, i know you folks are VERY experienced in this field and know what you are talking about. The publicity photos, the fact that for 2.5 weeks, this was the ONLY 41 convertible in existence, etc...  That HAS to add some sort of value to "some folks" that find this car as special as I do right? Maybe not Kelly Blue Book value but do you know what I'm trying to say? Am I way off or just missing something?

  2. I have a very rare 1941 lincoln as the title states with letters from detroit where it was made, stating that it is the first one of that year built. This one was built by hand, before they started the assembly line for it. I have all the documentation but I have no idea what the actual value of this car is. The car runs, the motor is fine and the body is rust free with no dents but the top has been cut to pieces by the previous owners wife/girlfriend  :(  Someone please help me find the value of this beautiful car. I can give you more details and pictures as needed. - Brian

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