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  1. I live in Hegins, PA 17938 and there is a pic of the title, yes it is a good, clean PA title.
  2. Haha yes it is Mr. Bleach, sounds like you hate scammers as much as i do. Im a southern oregon boy, actually im originally from orange county, southern cali. I moved here to PA with my wife, the oregon phone number is all i have left from oregon. ANyway, here are the videos vid1 vid2 vid3 vid4
  3. and if anyone wants to speak with me directly, hit me up in a private message. my name is Brian, we live in rural Pennsylvania. Its crazy some of the antiques you can find out here in the middle of nowhere and this state is full of so much history, i love it out here.
  4. all 4 videos are being uploaded, standby for the link. Mr. Peterson, you and another fella explained to me that the history adds no added value. I find that hard to believe but at the same time, i know you folks are VERY experienced in this field and know what you are talking about. The publicity photos, the fact that for 2.5 weeks, this was the ONLY 41 convertible in existence, etc... That HAS to add some sort of value to "some folks" that find this car as special as I do right? Maybe not Kelly Blue Book value but do you know what I'm trying to say? Am I way off or just missing something?
  5. i have a video but this forum won't allow me to post it due to the size, so if anybody is interested in more detail, i guess add me to facebook and i can post the videos there, or youtube i suppose, just let me know
  6. the interior is very rough, its pretty nasty but the body is, in my opinion, great shape. Needs to be sanded and painted by a professional, the crank turns, hasn't been run in years
  7. And thank you West for the information. I wish there was some other photo viewer that would allow you to zoom in on the photo. I can open it on my computer and see the fine dust specs lol.
  8. everyone has permission now, sorry i had the photos set to friends only. It now has public settings. First time here guys lol. Please take a look at the letter, they are high definition photos so if u can zoom in, its very very high quality and you should be able to read the letter from the LCOC back in 1981.
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