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  1. Thank you for the responses. If there is any interest out there, let me know.
  2. Can anyone on this site decode the VIN and Trim Tag on the 1942 Pontiac? I would appreciate it. Thanks, Al in Maine
  3. Here is a quick video on youtube:
  4. Here are some photos of the 1965 Thunderbird. 42,940 miles. Originally purchased and owned by a female librarian. Current owner purchased it from her estate. Very nice and very original and rust free. Interior is very nice. Engine sounds excellent.
  5. Here are some photos of the 1942 Pontiac. 36,793 miles. Originally owned by a family who had their invalid daughter chauffeured around in it. Current owner purchased it from their estate in the 50's.
  6. Can anyone tell me where to look on the '42 Pontiac for the VIN number and trim plate? Any other important areas to check?
  7. I know that the '65 Thunderbird was purchased new by a local female librarian who passed it on to a relative when she died. The relative had no interest and the father of my friend bought it but never drove it. He said around 40,000 original miles and the condition will be know tomorrow. I'll post some photos of both. Al in Maine
  8. My friend called me today and said his father was now in a nursing home and he wanted to sell two old cars that his father left him. One was a 1965 Thunderbird. The other was a 1942 Pontiac. Not sure yet what model it is but I will see it tomorrow. My problem is I can find no comparison anywhere to indicate a fair market value. He told me his father said it was rare due to the war starting up and factories changing over to military supplies. He also said it needs paint and has around 30,000 miles on it.I know my way around most classic cars and muscle cars for sure but have no idea on a 1942 Pontiac. Can anyone on this site help me out? Thanks, Al in Maine