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  1. As information Dorman will not work with existing switch. If you want to add another switch it is great. Trying to keep this car all original. Back in 1999 the replacement was the entire cushion or back. Now a good upholstery shop can open up the seat and slip a generic element or pick out a GM element and have it sewed in. I am learning more about heated seats than I need to know. Just want to get it fixed before Winter Thanks to all
  2. Since heating elements are discontinued, any suggestions on other part numbers from the GM family that will work. Need both elements. Thanks
  3. Wanted to add that on my 1989 Riviera if I remove the battery for the winter like I just did, It runs terrible once I reinstall the battery and drive it. Takes a while for everything to return to being drivable. No power almost felt like clogged Cat converter. Solar charger is my answer. Car is for sale so do not want to get to involved. All is well now. Thanks to all
  4. Would it be best to run alligator clips to battery from solar panel or just plug into cugarette lighter really appreciate suggestions thanks
  5. Sun Exposure would be several hours each day. It will be placed in front windshield. 3W is the one I am looking at on Amazon. It has good reviews. These are not designed to be in the elements. Thanks for your input
  6. Looking for Solar for outdoor storage any thoughts on Solar?
  7. I have a 1989 Riviera, unfortunately I have to leave it outside for a few months. Was wondering about these solar battery tenders that lay on the dash and plug into lighter or have wires that go to the battery. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks
  8. Thanks I found what I wanted on EBay. It is on Microfiche, which is what they used back in the late 90's I do not want to purchase a reader so next step is to have someone convert to a PDF file
  9. I have a 1999 Buick Riviera in my collection in addition to a 1989 Buick Riviera. I have a PARTS manual for the 1989 that is very helpful. Question is with the onset of computers is it possible to purchase a PARTS manual for my 1999 Buick Riviera? Even with the VIN number many times I have found the parts counter people r making errors. I would like to purchase a PAPER PARTS manual for my 1999 Buick Riviera if they are made. Just got burnt with a part I received from Vintage auto parts after TWO parts men checked the number before I ordered it. I have been checking E
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