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  1. Dads car is fully loaded with optional extras Has sport bucket seats with centre console options with teco meter Stainless steel trim door linings Cruise control Electric windows After market Wildcat air cleaner 8 track stereo We feel very Lucky to have
  2. Ha ha Yeap I guess that is why So how do u load photos the right way up
  3. Hi we have recently inherited a 1967 Buick Wildcat from our father We are wanting to find out if anyone else has one or knows a bit about them We have been told it is a very rare car and wish to find out as much as we can We are in New Zealand Dad did belong to the Buick Club of America and sadly passed away in February. Regards Ross Whelan Will get a better pic
  4. Hi we have recently been left a 1967 Buick Wildcat from our father Wanting to find out if anyone else owns one and ask some general questions Thanks Ross NZ
  5. Hi We have a 67 Buick Wildcat We have been left it from our father who passed away recently We are wanting to ask some info and find out if anyone else owns one? Cheers Ross NZ
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