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  1. OK bc I have ordered the tool to test the pressure but today I replaced the fule pump regulator and the fule filter. I feel like it's running rich when I have the issue bc it stumbles then revs up dropps back down stumbbles and goes up again. This is when sitting.
  2. Replaced both of those parts still no luck idles a little smoother but still dying and sputtering
  3. Sorry one was relay circa problem
  4. I replaced the maf the codes I got were low freon lv. Cruz survo. And a door lock code got b 420 b552 b671.
  5. just ran the diagnostic program and got no e codes only b codes so now I am even more confused how is it that there r no engine coded but it keeps dying
  6. Oh and I forgot to mention no check engine light
  7. That's a possibility but it feels like a miss fire. It shutters and stalls if it is not given Gass. And even then it is a 50/50 weather it's going to die
  8. Just bought a 1990 reatta convertible had it about 2 weeks. Absolutly love the car. but I am having a problem.it is ding when I first start the car if I don't give it Gass. Then from when the car is cold to when it is fully warm the car has a very rough idle and sometimes dies. But once warm has no issues. I have replace the ignition control model The crank sensor the idle air control valve and o2 sensor and no luck still rough idle when cold. Any suggestions
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