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  1. got my license in the morning and rolled dad's '74 gremlin in the afternoon. good times.
  2. in '72 i was 12 years old and cruised town with a 16 year old buddy in his dad's '68 gmc pick up.i was the young kid in a crowd of 16 to 18 year old hooligans. it seemed like if you were older than that you either were in the service or married. either way the cars were gone.
  3. that explains why so many old pics show cars with bald tires!
  4. great fun! i got 8 right . thanks for posting.
  5. i have a luggage rack that goes on your running board. i have no idea of brand or age. i'm asking $25. if interested, shipping would be from cincinnati, ohio.
  6. i have some parts for old chevrolets i would like to see go to good homes. i have brand new napa tune up parts for a 34 chevrolet original 6 cylinder. i also have some left over parts from a street rod project for a 35 chevrolet 2 door sedan. i have no use for these parts and am hoping someone on here can use them. i would take $10 for the tune up parts, and $50 for the trays and box of 35 parts. the cowl vent for the 35 is $25. or make an offer, i need these to go to someone who can use them. let me know if anyone is interested. thanks,
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