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  1. i have a luggage rack that goes on your running board. i have no idea of brand or age. i'm asking $25. if interested, shipping would be from cincinnati, ohio.
  2. i have some parts for old chevrolets i would like to see go to good homes. i have brand new napa tune up parts for a 34 chevrolet original 6 cylinder. i also have some left over parts from a street rod project for a 35 chevrolet 2 door sedan. i have no use for these parts and am hoping someone on here can use them. i would take $10 for the tune up parts, and $50 for the trays and box of 35 parts. the cowl vent for the 35 is $25. or make an offer, i need these to go to someone who can use them. let me know if anyone is interested. thanks,