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  1. Thanks again. More pictures. Brushes have to be replaced for sure. Two brushes were gone, one felt outside, second was stuck inside. Two others where pretty much used up. There are also some loose, broken fiber? Cloth? How do I clean and lubricate that thing?
  2. Do you think repair kit from eBay may work? Something like that? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Starter-Repair-Kit-Fits-1950-51-Cadillac-Delco-Remy-1107969-/351682363254
  3. OK, I was able to check it. Small, new solenoid works good. On starting motor when I connect power to either small terminal or big one, it moves that piston out, but it doesn't turn. When I connect power directly to starter motor, it does nothing. Looks like I need new starter motor. Do you know where to buy one? Any auto parts store should have it? Any modern replacements? Can I go with 12V starter and bypass that new, second solenoid?
  4. Thanks a lot. I will test it as soon as my son come back from work, with the cables in his car and let you know.
  5. When I turn the key in I can hear only the click and engine won't turn. I pulled out starter motor. Looks like it is an original, 6V starter, but this car is converted to 12V. However everything was working till now. Any idea how I should go about it repair/replacement? How and what to check? What 12V replacement part number would fit, if I need to make that change? Starter motor was connected to rest of the car with only one cable. This cable goes to that thing, located near battery, which, I think, is a kind of relay? What is that thing near battery? How do I test that?
  6. New member of my family - Cadillac Sedan Series 62 model 1951
  7. I recently bought 1951 Cadillac Series 62 with 331 V8 and Hydramatic transmition. I am going to run this car on no ethanol gasoline, however I am not sure about other fluids. 1. What kind of antifreeze should I use? 2. What about oil? Is synthetic OK? Any additives? 3. What kind of brake fluid? 4. Should I add lead substitute into gas? 5. What is in that Hydramatic AT? Thanks for any help.
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