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  1. Thank you nice car Yes!Consumption between 16 & 18 = pontiac 1953
  2. Hi Could you tell me what's your fuel consumption with your 8 Cylinder ? (To see if it's same as my pontiac 53) Thanks
  3. Hi I post on tipic : technique my problem about carburetor for my pontiac 1953 custom HT ( in restauration) But no answer If you are specialist on this, can you help me ? I dońt know if it´s for 1953 pontiac 8 cyl Thank you
  4. Hi I ´m french, if I can help you ? I live from France
  5. Hi Could you help me, I doń´t know if this carburetor is for pontiac 1953 (8cyl).... If it´s not for pontiac, do you know for what´s car is it ? Thanks Patrick
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