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  1. So sorry to hear and hope you're up and around soon. For what its worth, you are not the first person who has described such symptoms shortly after the 2nd dose of vaccine. Wishing you a speedy recovery and hope you'll be back to Daphne soon.
  2. Roger, I've been following your model from the beginning, I ran out of superlative compliments for your work years ago... and now watch for every update. Although entirely unrelated, I came across a news article on a Greek modeling puzzle from over 2000 years ago you may find intriguing. If you find it at all interesting, be sure to click the link in the first paragraph to the 11 minute video which explains the still unknown methods the ancient Greeks used to make miniature metal gears. Perhaps you will have your own idea on how they built the instrument using crude tools. Feel free to delete this post after your review as it has no relevance to your model... other than another example of incredible craftsmanship from the ages. https://arstechnica.com/science/2021/03/scientists-solve-another-piece-of-the-puzzling-antikythera-mechanism/
  3. What you'll have is something that is the "perfect" outcome of all your efforts! What most of us wouldn't give to purchase back the most memorable car we ever owned... and have the pleasure of driving it again. You're doing great on your grand old car and can't wait to see a pic of you driving it!
  4. Happy to hear you have a surgery date on the calendar. As much as I, and everyone else, is looking forward to progress updates ... Daphne can wait a little longer Good Luck!
  5. I'm another one of the guys that have been with you since the first post... you made 9 years goes by in a flash because each post was more amazing than the last. Thanks for educating and wowing all of us with your talents, skill, patience, and humbleness... I've enjoyed every second of it! I'm so looking forward to watching you bring some of your "older" models up to date! ~ Tom
  6. Hey Gary, Thanks for allowing all of us to come along for the ride, its been fun! Question - I may have missed it, but did you ever tell us whether you resolved the issue with the drivers side door handle hitting the fabric? Thanks again
  7. If Homosote is indeed impregnated with Creosote, it will have a distinct odor that will likely concentrate in the confines of a closed car. Might want to get a good whiff of it before purchasing.
  8. Gary, If SMS is the LeBaron's source, have you tried contacting SMS directly? They may have some of the material available for their own retail customers. When I ordered an entire interior for my 59, I purchased through them directly (https://smsautofabrics.com/). It's unfortunate there aren't other sources for materials. Your defective cloth was apparently produced by SMS, I too had issues with SMS material, but my issue was with their leather. < begin SMS rant > I ordered and received 2 whole leather hides dyed in the appropriate red color more than a year prior to bringing it to the upholsterer (it cost a fortune). When I presented the hide to the upholsterer a year later, the first thing he asked was if I knew the hide was spray dyed as it wouldn't be very durable... I had no idea! Apparently, hides can either be spray dyed or vat dyed. Needless to say, Vat Dyed leather is far more durable as the dye literally penetrates the fibers of the leather as opposed to a topical spray. Upon calling them about this they told me if I wanted vat dyed leather I would have had to order it that way. Nowhere on the SMS website does it mention these options, neither was it discussed by their sales team upon ordering. As the upholsterer foretold, the dye did begin to wear off in less than 2 years of very limited use. I was less than pleased. <end rant > Hoping your new SMS cloth works out as great as the rest of your restoration. Looking forward, as is everyone, to the completion of your project!
  9. Post 4292...4th pic of salesman shaking hands with buyer... anybody know what the little black car outside the window is?
  10. Been following your build since the beginning and enjoying it as much as anyone. Wondering what your final decision was with the windshield...are you going to stick with the original design or go with the continuous hinge? ~ Tom
  11. Looks to be a dead ringer of the color William Clay Ford special ordered for his personal Continental. So maybe not a color from the order book, but a factory produced color just the same!
  12. Roger, I agree with the others that whatever color you choose it will be spectacular. You can add me as a fan of the color blue. I'm sure you've see it, but for those who haven't, the September 2016 issue of Hemmings Classic Car featured the creator of the Mark II, William Clay Ford's original 1956. His was painted a special one-off color called "Honolulu Blue", which is remarkably similar to the sample color you provided. For the creator of the incredible one-off model to paint it a one-off factory color made for the creator of the actual car might be worth considering.
  13. I think its worth noting that on page one of this odyssey you write: "February 3, 2010 was the beginning of this mad project: the construction of a Continental Mark II, scale 1:12, from scratch." So yesterday was the 7 year anniversary, not only for you the builder, but for all of us as spectators...thank you for bringing us along on this fabulous ride!
  14. Wow, thanks so much guys! Leif, can you post that same pic without the red circles...I'd like to forward it along with the good news that you all were able to identify the car. At the very least, the pic could be dated to be no older than 1936, and probably a few years thereafter based on the condition of the car. Thanks again
  15. The below pic is of a friends mother and her sister and they are trying to get a rough date and the type of car. Can anyone help identify the make and year? I know there is not much to go on.
  16. Roger, I too have been following your thread for years. The addition of the video makes your work all the more incredible. Thank you for taking the time to show the world your amazing work and I look forward to more videos in the future!
  17. Tayormade. It's been obvious from the start that you have put in about as much work and taken as much pride in this build thread as you have your actual car! Can't blame you a bit for being disappointed and disheartened that the site seems to have lost so many of your photos. Hopefully someone at the controls will be able to restore what is missing. As one of the people that have been watching from the beginning, I probably speak for many when I ask that you consider keeping this thread going to the conclusion, even if the old photos cannot be returned. So many of us share in your travails and anxiously await each new progress post. We all want nothing more than to be able to cheer your efforts to the day the final bolt is tightened and last coat of wax applied!
  18. Unusual to see a 1963 Unimog for sale in the local North Jersey newspaper
  19. Roger, I'm one of the silent majority that have been watching from day one...your work continues to astound and is just unbelievable! Amazing job!
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