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  1. hwellens says it's an REO. I agree, obviously a high quality automobile
  2. That's wonderful. 1940 that car was 38 years old. Today, a 1979 car is thirty-eight years old... If I had a 1979 car, I wouldn't think of it as an old car....
  3. Dad and Roadmaster 1976 Columbus Georgia Dad and Mom and my four brothers and two sisters and me (short pants) 1967 Phenix City Alabama 1966 Chrysler Town & Country wagon.
  4. with a Ford engine, that's at least THREE different trucks. Whether it was 50 or 500 , two of those three trucks are NOT one of the 50 or 500. $400 is about right . If it is drivable.
  5. The outside is very nice. the interior is GREAT!! that's a nice truck!
  6. Hurst also invented and makes the "Jaws of Life". http://www.jawsoflife.com/ Without Hurst, more people would get an earlier ride in a Hearse.
  7. That happened to my Dad and his 1969 Grand Prix. the other guy was goiing the wrong way on a one way street. He T-boned dad's pontiac in an intersection
  8. There's another thread that is looking for a way to attract younger people to the AACA. Rules such as the tire rule cited above are enough to turn away all ages from the AACA. I can get rules abiding tires for my car, because enough people lined up to buy those tires. The same thing can happen for the Gerald Ford era cars. If, enough people sign up.
  9. http://blog.caranddriver.com/hyundai-and-kia-recall-1-2-million-cars-for-engine-failures/ 1.2 million recalls on Kia and Hyundai
  10. I was going to tell him he misspelled 'surely'. But, I'm sure to get surly reply.....
  11. That happened to my friend's Dad. he bought a Ford Maverick. It said Comet on the right side and had Mercury taillights
  12. My brother has a 1967 Datsun Fairlady. The choke is semi-auto , as you describe
  13. You should thank 46Woodie for his 25 years firefighting service. My experience with the Fire Department was visting my Grandfather at the fire house and listening to Grandfather's and other firefighters' stories. And they explained to me the different apparati , My Grandfather retired from Birmingham Fire Dept 1982 after 48 years service. When I was very young, we had our easter egg hunts at the fire house. The firemen delighted themselves hiding the eggs in each other's boots.
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