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  1. Here's the extent of my old tools collection:
  2. No oil drips yet but that's mostly due to the garage being 51 feet deep with a gravel driveway out the backside to the alley! The pretty driveway faces the street.
  3. Well, I do have a '67 Fiat 500. It's plenty big!
  4. No painted center line but I was really impressed (and a bit nervous) when the guy who cut the center joint down the length (80 ft) did it by eye and it was perfectly straight and centered. Whew. I do love the painting rig!
  5. FIAT: Finally I'm almost there. Oh, and Fiat never officially sanctioned the name Topolino. The public named it and it stuck.
  6. Hmm. I'm getting ready to plant a bunch of grass where the yard was torn up for driveway and water line installation. At least when the gravel is moved, you're done!😁
  7. Hey! I found another one today! One more and I can do any number of 4 cylinder engines. Life is good.😀
  8. Ah nuts. Oh well, I'll keep digging!
  9. I'll sell my two for 20.00 a piece!!!!
  10. Thank you oldford. I know this old garage was standing in 1923 so your information seems spot on.
  11. I turned these up (literally) in my yard the other day and was curious as to their age. My wife and I purchased an old house last fall and the garage (22x51) was obviously a working automobile service business at least back as far as 1923, maybe earlier. It's great seeing where past mechanics made notes on the old cabinet doors about which car needed what back into the 1930s. Thanks for the help. I'm planning on going to the historical society and seeing what I can learn once this virus thing is over. Cheers!
  12. A shrubbery would not have caused as much damage...
  13. Yard find? Turf find? Sounds like a new standard for finding cars.
  14. The bull I was tending to didn't like it one bit.
  15. My great grandfather Lawrence Halter in rumble seat with cigar (behind Chief Pontiac) and my grandfather Edward M. Hetzel standing on the far right in Akron, Ohio.
  16. This is what happens when Munchkins let themselves go.
  17. The top one is obviously used for testing eisemanns. However, it appears to be limited to the winding eisemanns.
  18. That shaft could be perfectly balanced if the right size wrench was welded on the far side in the right position. I'm sure they did it quite carefully.
  19. This photo was posted earlier by Joe and I believe it is from the "Grapes of Wrath" movie from years ago that starred Henry Fonda.
  20. It's a whisk for ostrich eggs. Simple enough...
  21. After building my toilet paper warehouse, I'll be starting to organize my shop in the garage where I've recently moved.
  22. You have been busy! Great to hear from you.
  23. Just exhaust then? Empty coffee cups? Tobacco juice?
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