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  1. I absolutely love the deadpan delivery. It's easy to see how people can be fooled by knowledgeable-sounding people. Well, off to the garage to fix my noisy car...
  2. 1956 Oldsmobile 4 door sedan. Nothing quite like seeing a cloud of smoke suddenly appear from under the car while on a freeway and being unable to get to a berm quickly. Extremely unnerving to turn the key off and have it INSTANTLY go silent. I had just changed the oil (teenager) and didn't get the gasket set right on the filter canister. Luckily after cooling down, being towed, refilled with oil, it ran better than it ever had.
  3. My 1959 Fiat Granluce has the same type of drum. No experience driving it yet as it is a "work in progress!"
  4. My 1958 Citroen 2cv Van gives people plenty of time to ponder it's uniqueness in this area as I drive by.
  5. I don't believe I've ever seen a photo with the lift operator in view. Like it!
  6. WOW! I love the door panels (cards?) in this car! I don't think I've ever seen these before. Great car!
  7. I heard that 95% of every (insert car make here) ever manufactured is still on the road. The other 5% made it home.
  8. Nice. I once owned a blue/white 1960 Lesabre 4dr and absolutely loved it. What a great car!
  9. I hate "Go juice." I hate hearing "I've got 370 coats of clear over my 89 coats of color over 40 coats of primer." Ok - Love your car but the excessive bragging is a real turnoff - especially when the factory paint on my car looks better.
  10. Closest for me was knowing someone who met John Delorean. Also, my grade school bus driver was pretty cool.
  11. Dad had the use of a 28 Packard with a rumble seat to take to a show for a distant relative in the early 1970s. Mom and dad in the front with little sister, us four older siblings (oldest about 11) lined up in the rumble seat. What a great time!
  12. Why? Looks really uncomfortable. I have a hard enough time keeping two cylinders running!
  13. HOT Dr. Pepper? New one on me!
  14. A lot of those dents look like they came from the inside...
  15. No apologies necessary! You've always been great help and I value your interest as well as all of your wonderful contributions to these forums! Tres bien!
  16. Hello all! Just a quick, but sincere, thank you to Peter R. for locating and sending a carb body from Switzerland for this 2cv. Swapped the internal parts, installed it on the car, and off I went. It runs better than it ever has and it appears my problems (at least this batch) are solved. Thank you again Peter!
  17. I loved the 1935 Hupp I had for a few years. Great looking cars!
  18. Sebastienbuick and PeterR for the most recent help with my 2cv. With the world seemingly falling apart, it's comforting to sit down in the evening and share a bit here with others from around the world. I didn't know Cadillac Carl beyond reading his postings but was quite saddened to hear of his passing. It appears that one can sorely miss someone whose words were the only real connection.
  19. 3rd page and growing! I'm hoping this will surpass the Period Photos to Relieve Stress thread. Come on guys! Help me out here! We're on a roll!!!! Yah, I know, been a little boring on the homefront lately.😜
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