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  1. I finished the exhaust instalation today and all fits very nice and clean. Thanks to all for your input especially you Ed for the manifold numbers. That showed there were three different left manifolds for the 63 401's but no designation as Riviera. My old pipes had every indication of being original factory pipes and the first two bends were quite different and had a shorter overall length than the Waldron pipes. This all Leeds me to believe that at least some of the Rivieras built in September 62 or earlier had the 1348347 manifold but most don't and whatever the number is for most is what Waldron's builds. Thanks Bill
  2. I don't know why the pictures are upside down, they were right side up when I posted them.
  3. I did the modifications to the left exhaust pipe today. I had to cut out 1 1/4 inches of drop at the front. Pretty simple and straightforward. The second cut was also 1 1/4 inches but right in the middle of the first and second bends. The plan was to rotate things a little when welding it back together and all looked good with the pipe in place and holding the two peace up to the manifold. Remember I had 3 1/2 inches to long of pipe to start with. So to figure this out I had to start at the back and install everything including the resonater in the correct position. Than with it cut off at the front I could install the long pipe in position. The angle change and slight rotation at the weld would gain me the 3 1/2 " unfortunately I didn't get it right when I welded the cut in the center of 1st and 2nd bends. I don't have a welder in my shop so I mark it and take it 10 miles to where I can weld it. I took these pictures before I installed the new pipe to show the difference right from left and what I did in order to just cut in 2 places instead of 3 places. Tomorrow I will make a slight adjustment in angle that will move the front flare about 3/4". Waldron's didn't know that 63 Riviers could have three different left manifolds. Any 63's with the 1348347 manifold Waldron's does not make a exhaust that will fit.
  4. The pictures I sent with measurements to Waldron's.
  5. Ed, I didn't put the two pipes together and I completely installed the right side before starting on the left. I could take the right back off to compare but I don't think that will gain me anything. With the left pipe on the floor I measured height and length and John at Waldron's confirmed it was correct. My manifold does look like the one pictured for the 1348347 and nothing like the Skylark manifold. I think I will have to cut out about 1" of hight and install then make a slight angle change to hug the frame and then measure how much length to take out. I am not looking forward to this but the only other choice would be to take it to a muffler shop and let them try to bend it in several places instead of cutting it. And yes the old stock pipes I took off fit perfectly. Bill
  6. Thanks for the reply. Sorry it took me so long to get back with you but an old friend from Alaska dropped by that I hadn't seen in 30 years and that called for braking out the Crown Royal Monarch. Ed after looking at the link you sent and going out to the car and making a paper impression of the manifold number what I have is the one listed 1348347 1348477 left 62-64 401. John from Waldron's called back and said all the measurements checked out and that they have done a lot of 1st generation Rivieras the same and they all fit. He is trying to be helpful and if there is another manifold that makes a difference he wants to know about it. I will send John the link you sent me but I think I will have to make modifications to the exhaust pipe myself. I took a couple of pictures but it is hard to get a good angle with it in the car. Thanks for your help! Bill
  7. I am installing a new exhaust system from Waldron. Right side fit perfect. Left side hangs 1/2" below frame which is 1" lower than the right, won't get within an 1 1/2" of where it should be on the side of the frame and the resonater ends up 3 1/2" further to the rear than the right. I talked to John at Waldron's and sent him some pictures and measurement and waiting for him to get back to me. My question is can someone give me the casting number for the left exhaust manifold for my 09D date code 63. It is in a hard place for me to read but mine might be 848347-2. Thanks Bill
  8. Tom, OK I thought you also had the V Style Brown Line in 64. It is the V buckle in the drawing but I also could see them just using a drawing of a seatbelt they had on hand knowing it didn't really matter if it was the exact one for this riviera. Bill
  9. 1965rivigs, Thanks for your observation of the small drawing in the owners manual. I made the cold icy walk out to my shop and got my 1963 Owners Guide out of my riv which is not the one originally sent with my car but for one also made in September 62 and the seatbelt drawing is what I have. If this is the style for early 63 and for early 64 it seams odd later 63's were different. But as has been stated before they could have changed suppliers and just changed back or used both at the same time. Thanks Bill
  10. Ed, My belts don't have a Fisher or Buick tags. The tags are from the manufacturer Brown-Line Buckle General Tube Co. Thanks for the info. Bill
  11. Here is another picture of the seat belts in question. Ed maybe you know if these seat belts could have been OEM in September 62 or if they were dealer installed later. At the ROA meet last summer I did notice at least one other 63 with the same style just different color belt. Also is a picture of a add on spring loaded belt roll up that I assume someone added later. Thanks Bill
  12. Ed, I'm not trying to pass off that window sticker as authentic. You know it's one I got blank and added options and prices for interesting talking points at the local car shows. And it helps not to get too many questions about what that funny looking thing is on top of the dash. Most non-riviera people are amassed how many options it has and how expensive it was new. Bill
  13. I think I can post a picture now so I'll give it a try.
  14. We have different manufacturers and I don't know what OEM was but on my flat blade end there is no marking. On the inside of the buckle paddle in raised letting so part of the casting is ASSY. NO. WB530 BROWN-LINE BUCKLE GENERAL TUBE CO. STURGIS MICHIGAN My 63 was manufactured is September of 62 with most of the options available at the time but I'm not sure if seat belts were original equipment or not. I have seen ones like mine in other 63's that I believe were originall. I would send pic but I haven't learned how yet.
  15. I have a problem with mine that just occasionally after starting the red light stays on. I have found out that even though the starter has properly disengaged the ignition switch has not returned fully to the run position therefore keeping the light on. It only takes a very slight movement of the ignition to get it properly into the run position.