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  1. If someone ever makes a replacement cable I hope they will make 10 or 20 of them and offer them for sale here.
  2. I got the puller I needed today and with the steering wheel, chrome cover and switch removed I took out the one screw holding the top of the cable and slid the eye of the cable off the pin and fished the cable out going down. The sheath was broken at the top clamp and while I was fishing it out it broke halfway down the sheath where it had a bad ware spot through the sheath down to the cable. I had some electrical heat shrink 3/16 x 1 1/4 so after cleaning the sheath and making some small cuts on it with a knife where the heat shrink could grip it I used a small pair of needlnose pliers to exp
  3. Yes It's just the sheath. I haven't got it out yet but maybe this weekend.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I had read in an old post that someone was going to try to have a bicycle shop make one. Did that not work?
  5. I found the brake down diagram I needed just in a different part of the service manual and it tells me there I need two slide hammers to remove the chromed actuator cover so maybe I'll get it apart when I get the right tools. Does anyone make replacement actuating cables? Bill
  6. I think the outer casing on the turn signal switch actuating cable is broken. I pulled the steering wheel and bearing on the shaft but could not figure out how to go any further. It looked like the Chromed cover should come off next but it won't move. I have the 63 chassis service manual that includes the Riviera but it has no info on Riv tilt column. Where can I find the brake down diagram and instruction? Thanks Bill
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