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  1. it's a shame Pete & Cindy don't do office work as well - the BCA would run like a well oiled machine if they were the BCA headquarters Literally the only aspect of the BCA you don't hear complaints about.
  2. You may also want to verify that it is a factory installed sunroof
  3. While obviously the picture is a fake - I would mention that instead of recovering a door panel, or any of the white plastic or vinyl, if it is in good condition, it could easily be dyed/painted by an upholsterer and you would never know. I have seen some done that I was shocked to learn didn't start out the color that was underneath the results are so good.
  4. Whoops, Ronnie already said that
  5. Look in the ashtray on both pictures, the same object appears in both pictures
  6. I have seen a few pretty beat looking Select 60's cross ebay over the last few years - I think there was even one not long ago with front end damage and a bad tranny that looked pretty beat.
  7. Has there been any documented Reatta's that varied from what was on their SPID or how they were reported built? Not hearsay, but actual known documented ones. On the one shown, it appears the paint is rather glossy and nice for the mileage, I am betting it has had a total repaint and the white wheels which often got ugly were replaced with a nice set of regular wheels instead of restoring the white wheels. I would also have to wonder about a reupholster job, again the white seats appear pretty perfect for white leather with that mileage. I saw further back where there was a blue one that someone had reupholster with a white interior.
  8. If it is on the SPID label, would that not also show up on the production number reports that have been compiled that a white conv was built in this combo?
  9. Buick also had a wire wheel available a little before 83 at least, the LeSabre Palm Beach had a wire wheel as an option - again another one that is not listed in the BCA judges manual as being correct with wire wheels.
  10. The wire wheels are an addition/correction needed in the BCA judging manual, it does not list these as cars that are equipped with wire wheels
  11. You need to let know what series as well - Special/Century or Super/Roadmaster
  12. Are we sure one was actually made for 1948? I have seen pictures of ones for other years around 1948 but not 48, I did see a larger accessory list that would go into a binder for 48. Possibly somebody that has a 48 could tell us if they have one or not. Another option for her would be if we could find somebody that actually has the brochure which is usually a fold out, they could take it to a printer and have it done in color and the results are hard to tell from an original. I have done this in the past With excellent results
  13. Not staying signed in when I leave the site. Each time I come back on I have to resign in manually. This is the case on my computer. iPad and iPhone. If it were just one of them I would think it had something to do with a setting, but being 3 totally different devices I am lost for an explanation. I have the box checked to 'remember me"
  14. The car has a lot of green on it, that much green did not come from sitting under open air what appears to be fairly dry cover. It was pulled out of a leaking damo old shed or from under a tarp, I am guessing tarp
  15. I would wonder if the original unit in the trunk went bad and that unit was installed as a replacement
  16. Just to be clear, that is not the factory 8 track player - one was not available in 66, 67 was the first year for 8 tracks in Buick. I note this one does have Buick knobs put on it though. As an aftermarket unit though it should fit and work fine in any make or model.
  17. Thanks, impressive vehicle
  18. Saw this picture today and was wondering if anyone knows what the large vehicle is? It appears to maybe be amphibious with the center section opening to load.
  19. It shouldn't matter which club we are members of on this forum
  20. Thanks for telling us that Steve, I love that kind of trivia and knowledge!
  21. I did remember I have a lamp that used the self adhesive lead came strips between the sections of glass so you can see that version - this is the product I believe the Buick window on eBay used
  22. Here are a couple fun Buick pieces of stained glass neither are antique but make nice display pieces and decent quality - you can see the orange and white one used the copper foil technique (not always as obvious as it being copper colored) and the red white and blue one uses actual lead - I don't have one with lead came to show.
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