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  1. michel van eesbeeck Many thanks to all with your useful advice; I have found a NOS diaphragm and have ordered it right away - However I have a question. I will of course checking this diaphragm as soon as it arrives but am always slightly concerned about a 70 years+ piece of rubber... Would you, gentlemen, have any experience with these NOS in terms of reliability? Also would anyone know if there is a company that is manufacturing these diaphragm new? ( I have just received an answer from Steele Rubber - they do'nt have this part in stock) Many thanks Michel
  2. Rusty, many thanks foryour advice. I have checked a couple of firms with they showed no interest whatsoever!! Must say that I am in Belgium and that 42 Chryslers are not that common over here! Will continue my search. Thanks Michel
  3. I have established that the diaphragm within the vacuum unit on my 1942 club coupe has perished. Can anyone help me in locating a firm where these diaphragms could be purchased??. I have checked all the various elements on the vacamatic transmission (contacts, governor, engine idle speed etc etc) and unfortunately the problem has been identfied with the diaphragm many thanks Michel
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