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  1. I am rebuilding a 1931 Pontiac Split Head six that broke a couple of tappets from bad gas. A couple of the valves, as you can imagine, are really hard to get out and have pulled the valve guides with them. I am not familiar with replacing once I get the stuck valve out bit assume they are held in place by tapping them back in but not sure how to without damaging or the exact depth?
  2. I need to purchase a radiator for my 1931 Pontiac. Who is the best out there you would recommend to build this? Thanks!
  3. Anyone know of where I can get new tappets? Are there any compatible L-Head engines from other vehicles? I know Jeep used them for some time in their L-34 engines.
  4. Thanks - will do - pulled the top and the two valves are extremely hard to move They look clean what I can see of them. If I tap on them to go back down they stick again on the up stroke. Tried lube but no luck. Does the bottom of the spring have a normal keeper on it?
  5. Thanks everyone for the advice. As you can see, one valve for 5 and one for 6 is not cooperating. Any leads on parts for rebuild? I will pull the top but want to know where I can get parts depending on what I find.
  6. Thanks. The only thing changed from last running great was added a little aluminum radiator stop leak. Is it possible this caused the water pump to seize and jump the timing or is it just a coincidence?
  7. The engine has never been opened (original family car passed down now to me) so not overhauled. If the camshaft was broken, it would not turn at the front of the engine correct? If I take the side cover off, what will I be able to see? I have looked for an engine manual with diagrams but no luck.
  8. I have a 1931 Pontiac split head 6. It was running like the well old machine it is (27k original miles). One day great, next day, tried to start and heard an awful metalic grind. Now the timing is WAY out and there is no compression at the spark plug holes. I have pulled the harmonic balancer and looked at the timing chain and gears and they are all still perfect and not very much play in the chain. The distributer gears are also good. The flywheel (which you can see the teeth through the timing hole) all look good also. I am afraid if I just reset the timing that there may be more severe damage some else in the engine but not sure what would make the timing jump out so far but everything I described above still looks perfect? Appreciate any help!
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