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  1. That' just great. I am trying to get my Dad's old Buick running right (it's my emergency back-up to a Tundra). I also have a 1984 Buick Park Ave that runs good except the carb and a tree that crushed the trunk. I use it like a tractor around the property. Another one of my Dad's "bought new" cars. He loved those Buicks... My favorite car is the MAzda RX7. Still have one from 1984 with Fuel injection. Looks a lot like the Reatta in your picture. Thanks I'm going to start searching Reatta sites for fix-up info needed.
  2. [quote=Dashmaster; The OX sensor and IAC is what fixed the rough idle and stall. First , Would this work you did be similar to 1990 Park Ave.3800 with same problem? If so, Can I clean and/or replace the IAC without removing the entire intake housing? Manual shows that repair done on a bench.
  3. When hot, coils could let to the probelm you have. I believe there is an idle learning procedure when the battery was disconnected; this is explained in the shop manual. Good luck! Edit: there were a useful test to know if the ECM or the mass air flow sensor had cold solders: a light tap on those 2 elements while the engine was running. If there was a bad solder joint, the engine would stall. OK, It did have new battery recently. Hot coils might be it! THANKS
  4. I have bought the BIG shop manual. Are any of these scan tools OBD1 or software programs any help at all on these old systems? Ebay for $10.00 - $300.00. My Dad, Mom, Brother and then Niece spent $500 on diagnostic charges (over the years) and this intermitant stalling never went away completely. I think I did right and determined there are not any error codes right now. Would you get one of these scan tools?
  5. That was my next check. All vac lines were old and crumbly so they are mostly fixed now... Need to read up on that IAC valve first. Seems I read that if gas gets into vac line change oil and replace that part. THKs
  6. ps This car has been stalling on and off for three other owners (all family) for 5 or more years. Been in shop 5-10 times
  7. Thanks, You answered my question. Send me link to other troubleshooting or fixes for stall issues. Such a nice car and runs so good too. Last stall / No-start was in a carwash. Never again
  8. I thread I was reading with near identical symptoms ended with COIL PACK UPGRADE for the fix. Can't seam to find the upgrade used. Right now, I just wanted to read any codes properly. Can i run car with the paper clip in there. Will it tell me anything while running? The codes when not running were just a repeating 12 12 12 12 12 12 on and on... Based on other research MAF sensor (will clean next) or Crack sensor (will pay to have that done).
  9. Matthew, So you have one too! NICE CAR! I just got this one and it's been a family handmedown. New ICM, Fuelfilter, Vac hoses. No codes if I'm doing it right. I will look for more postings. The one I found... the guy did not finish the thread with what finally fixed it.......
  10. The problem above is same as my problem with 1990 Park Ave 3800. New ICM a while back. What is this "COIL UPGRADE"?
  11. Hello! First post. I just used paper clip to read codes on 1990 Park Ave and fan came on. Code only 12 12 12 over and over. i just bought the big Shop manuals to try to fix stalling issue. Starts and runs really great until warm. Then it might stall at idle sometimes. It never restarts when at full temp (cranks OK). Always starts right up when cooled down. HELP Should the fan kick on when reading codes? Why am I not getting any codes?
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