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  1. Don u just solved it for me 4/ 46 glass .thank you
  2. I have the top grille as well has Chevrolet on it . I am having a hard time uploading pictures when I can I will do more.
  3. I am not afraid to do sheet metal work . I know the easy way would be to use it as parts but frame is solid And I've just went over it the first time power washing to clean up and see what is good and what is not .I have time to work on it so I'm just going to go slow and steady redoing it .it does have a clear title but the title doesn't say a year .
  4. I Have The Headlights AND The Grille Actually Says Chevrolet On It AND it Has The Old Chevy Shield On Lower part Of Grille.
  5. I have a Chevy pickup truck was told it's a 43 but can't figure out for sure . Vin number is 9dpg4311 that's all I really have title doesn't actually give a year on it .please help
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