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  1. My Maxwell 25 1920 rad has the overflow pipe high in the neck of the filling tube about 1” lower than the cap and a rubber tube running down the side of the rad
  2. Hi I’ll get back to you as I’m stuck in Spain at the moment in lockdown and mine is in the north of England so I’ll be a while till I get back and I’m not sure exactly how many holes there are securing the metal rim to the wood. Originally o thought your question was about the tire mounting to the rim with the felloes of which there are five on each of my tires .... I’ll get back to you eventually but won’t be for at least four weeks - cheers for now .... Peter
  3. Hi this is my early 1920 Maxwell tourer which is fitted with late 1919 engine I assume by “felloes” you mean the wheel rim connectors? Mine has 5 front and back best wishes
  4. Glad you found it - my 1919 max25 has in rear right side xmember and covered in many layers of paint Using web Tapatalk app you will find many maxwell owners here http://maxwellautomobiles.proboards.com/ best wishes peter
  5. Hi again Attached PDF which was in another section of the AAAC forums which gives the engine serial numbers and useful info on the changes made each year. When I bought mine three years ago it was advertised as 1918 but with this PDF I narrowed it down to late '19 to early '20. interesting info here: http://www.carfolio.com/specifications/models/?man=6932 I also have paper re-prints of the 1920 model and the 1923 model - you just have to keep an eye out on eBay as they do come up from time to time. Having said that hopefully one of the other guys here might be able to help you out. Best wishes and enjoy the Max Peter Maxwell-1.pdf
  6. I'll get back to you later Leeroy - just travelling at the moment but hope to give you some pointers on my return home this evening Peter
  7. Howard thank you for this - I've just registered - nice to have a Maxwell specific site Best wishes peter
  8. icerolyuk


    Junk17 I used the the document that Howard has provided to great effect to identify my Maxwell which when I bought it had been advertised as a 1918 Maxwell 25 but it didn't seem right so this list gave me the evidence that mine is late 1919 early 1920. Hope you are successful with the head torques - something I haven't had to do yet as the engine runs pretty good and I always adopt the principle of "if it ain't broke don't fix it" happy Maxing everyone Peter
  9. Hi Rick - yes certainly looks like 3 sample cups. My only observation is that a different pencil - much darker / softer - has been used to write it which suggests written before or after the meeting so it may be unrelated to the meeting? And given that 3 sample cups takes a lot of the space, with the meeting notes squeezed around it, suggests it was written before the meeting. Bit still begs the question "what cups is this bold note about?" Hope I haven't muddied the waters further but it is intriguing and great to see such an old reference document - cheers all and happy motoring Peter 1919 maxwell 25 - London UK
  10. Sorry I forgot the question about paint colour - well here is mine from 12 months ago ... a mix of light grey and dark green - I think the grey is the original on mine latest problem with mine is the charge is very week from the dynastart which I'll have to investigate soon - anyway best of luck with the restoration peter
  11. Hi I concur with Howard and he's more of an expert than me - mine is a 1919/ 1920 Maxwell 25 and I employed a mechanic to sort out my cone clutch which had suffered the same problem as Howard's... the three adjustment nuts for the clutch had backed off - and actually had incorrect size springs - and were fouling the housing at the front end of the gearbox ... so, as he suggests , be careful and count the number of turns for the nuts to ensure the same when re-assembling ... I also had problems from previous owners mechanic who had assembled the clutch pedal arm incorrectly. It was a hot hot topic a while back: Wishing you every success peter
  12. Wow - the invoice is 1906 which makes it 110 it it would be really interesting to find out how many maxwells of any era are still around worldwide - not sure how many in the uk but I've only seen two others here in recent years. I was thinking of creating a Maxwell Facebook page if anyone else is interested ? Peter
  13. Gosh I never knew that - engines look really amazing ?? thanks for sharing peter
  14. Never seen this before Howard - I'm wondering how they got the car up to speeds beyond 75mph unless it was downhill with a following wind - a nice bit of memorobilia though
  15. Howard Attached bill of sale which lists the bearing part numbers and they just said "modified the hub to fit bearings" which is not much information but hopefully the bearing numbers are useful - I do remember they had problems balancing one of the wheels after fitting the bearings and they had to mess about a lot before they got it fitted with no wheel wobble - very expensive but very necessary work - wish you best of luck with yours regards Peter For ulrace.... Bob the steering box adjustment I really am not sure - the only manual I could find of that era is the 1917 owners manual which was published November 1916 which is at oldcarbrochures.com and does not have chassis numbers listed - my own car is early 1920 but with a late 1919 engine and I have the 1920 brochure which is good for mine. Hope me you get this answered regards Peter For hddennis... Howard I will have to take a look but am now travelling down to the south coast for a week - when we discovered the bearing problem on both front wheels it was decided to ship the wheels up without dissembling the hub from the wheel so as not to disturb the position and therefore the balance of the hub within the wheel i.e. and as far as I'm aware the engineering company did the work with the hubs in place but I'll check when I get back next week regards Peter
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